Tips for DE-programming & RE-installing your True Life Purpose


Everything is computerized now a days. If you believe that the computer is a prosthesis of our brain, which seems logical, (since it was our minds that conceived the idea), then isn’t everything about what programs you have in your mind and how you use them?

programming-picture-2Think about it… Isn’t it time to “free your mind” (thank you Matrix) from all of the disempowering programs that were downloaded within us without our permission or approval? Is it time to do a SEARCH to see exactly what you accepted into your consciousness via external messages sent by various media? Do you have a Search Engine that works well? Look at what you’re not fully appreciating in your life right now. What would you change immediately if you had a magic wand? Look at the beliefs that you now embrace in your mind that contribute to those disempowering conditions. Then intend to change them. How you go about it is your very own exciting creation. Once you realize your programs and how they are effecting your life experience, you are well on your way, because then you will start to see the source of the program & very soon you will be ok with letting it go – DELETING it. Once a program is deleted, it’s gone into your trash can. It’s there, you can use the past experience of it, when you need to remember how crazy your life used to be, but it will not affect you any longer. You can be grateful for your awareness of the truth, and stay humble, tolerant & compassionate for your fellow Humans who are still hypnotized. Then you can create ways to help them wake up to the full realization of the prisons within their minds.


This is the revolution that is happening right now in every corner of our hearts & minds. We can now restart the program of the New Earth (abundance, love, peace for All), for it is really the original programming that was fully installed & originally downloaded within us from the very highest Source at our origins, when we came into existence.

It’s a NO LOSE game. Win Win is the program. Have fun playing that Game. And the good news is that there is only one rule: LOVE. It’s the only one in your original hard drive. Within that, you can install any software programs you choose & make up your own rules. How we play the Game of Life, is our creation. Every other rule can be re-written, upgraded, enlarged,  muted or broken.


Tips for DE-programming & RE-installing your True Life Purpose:gateway

  • Be in Nature as much as possible because it holds the original programming. Nature is the key.
  • Eat only organic foods, limiting or eliminating meat, dairy, gluten & sugar.
  • Use only organic products on your body.
  • Rest, relax, meditate & pray every day.
  • Surround yourself with empowering souls.
  • Use your powerful imagination to envision your life the way you want it to BE.
  • Remember, you do have a Magic Wand. Have fun using it!

Thank you for being You! The magnificent love you hold in your heart is limitless and the key to the doorway of the New Age.

In Divine Love, Light & Laughter, Kate