The World of the Baby Boomers Transformed, Pt I

The World Of Baby Boomers Transformed, Pt I

The next piece of the puzzle that is vital to understand in the generation of Baby Boomers, and the world that they lived in. The Baby Boomers refer to the generation that was born immediately following WWII. They came into adulthood in the 60’s, during one of the most profound spiritual awakenings on the Planet Earth. As such, gained a second name: the “Hippies.” The work and the art and social movements of the Hippies have gifted the world with a powerful legacy of change and reformation. This generation worked incredibly hard to earn their place in society while birthing the new generations. They started sometimes at the bottom and worked their way to the top, which organically created a strong value structure. Baby Boomers have a deep sense of appreciation for this process in life, and for action and work.

In the modern world, where many Millennials struggle to find jobs or live with their parents as they look for opportunities or seek their true life purpose, many Baby Boomers ask: did we fail to pass on our values of hard work to the next generation?

During the time of the Baby Boomers, it was fully possible for someone to fully pay their college tuition and save for life afterwards by working during the summer and part-time during the school year. Many Baby Boomers do not understand that it is a physical impossibility these days even working multiple jobs full time at minimum wage for most Millennials to stay afloat, let alone pay any college debt. Most Millennials were teenagers and just becoming adults during the time of the collapse of the housing bubble and subsequent collapse of the banks. This means that Millennials do not trust the value of property nor the financial institutions that have held up the old world order. They are more aware than any other generation that money is a construct, and that the system is inherently flawed. Many Millennials are just as hard workers as the Baby Boomers who came before them—they just have nothing to show for it according to old world values.

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