The World of the Baby Boomers Transformed, Part II

The World Of Baby Boomers Transformed, Pt II

Millennials are bringing forth a new world simply by having the audacity to live in the one that they are given. On every front, they challenge late-stage capitalism. They refuse to buy shoddy products, and will speak out on the internet which spreads to tens of thousands of people, destroying millions of dollars of advertising from companies that exploit humanity for profit only. They resist doing work that is not meaningful or where they are just another cog in the machine, and prefer to show creativity and innovation in the workplace rather than make their boss look good. They look out for one another, donate to one another’s crowdfunding efforts, and reach out to each even from halfway across the world to express support. Many Millennials want to live in communities with their friends. Before the “white picket fence” dream was touted as a brainwashing scheme to incite the public to all need to buy their own individual tools and commodities, large extended families and even groups of friends used to all live together. If twenty families all live in their own houses, they need to buy twenty hammers. If twenty families live together in one community, they need one, maybe two hammers, to share between them. Millennials are bringing this community back the ideas of “dormitories for adults” and are extending community living past their college days, naturally returning to community living.

Each generation is gifted their own time and their own challenges. The world of the Baby Boomers created a generation of incredibly hard workers. Stanford researchers spent years conducting a cross-generational study referencing over a hundred years of census results and found that 90% of children in the United States born in the 1940’s and 1950’s earned and are earning more than their parents did. That is an incredible achievement and is a testament to the power and the determination of the Baby Boomers. The world of the Millennials and the challenges that the Millennials face are no longer “do better”. Now Millennials are faced with the challenge and with the inspiration: “do good, and do good for the Collective Unity.

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