The Millennial In Their Power

The Millennial In Their Power

Millennials in their power can bring forth genius in technology and their ability to concretely share their gifts with the world, while staying in their heart-energies. Through the immense access to information at their fingertips, many are self-taught and consistently pick up new skills such as coding or access to open online courses in their free time. Self-taught artists share their work online. Writers post stories online. Analysts write and share social and political commentary. Millennials know what they want in their outer world, and they create it and share it constantly.

Many Millennials are Empaths, with a deep Spiritual understanding of their True Life Purpose. They are committed to uncovering the Truth, and to focusing their time, energy, and attention on impactful and incredibly positive causes. It is through the grassroots effort and excitement of Millennials that Bernie Sanders gained such a large platform. For the first time, Americans and the global community experienced what an honest politician with high integrity and authenticity looks like. Millennials have birthed a revolution through sharing their thoughts and feelings to one another, and listening to one another. Their green and sustainable inventions and projects provide solutions to the environmental crisis faced globally. High schoolers in their science fair projects come up with solutions to disease, or to clean water, or to end poverty. The creativity and intuition that Millennials bring forth can and will change the world. The rapid growth in technology only needs to be merged with the Heart.  Only this can and will lead to the Unity Consciousness and the awareness that we are all connected. The inventions and staples of Millennial life—from phones to social networking sites—do not detract from spiritual connection, but rather provide a whole new platform to explore and experience the world, and will bring us to our Next Evolution.

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