The Indigo Mission

The Indigo Mission

The Indigo Mission is something that all Millennials live and breathe, just cast in a slightly different manner than Baby Boomer Indigos might say it.

One such millennial on the internet mused on their personal blog that the widest criticisms of our generation all seem to boil down to, “You believe the world should be kind. You expect people to treat you fairly. You think your needs are important, that you deserve to be listened to, that you shouldn’t be hungry and frightened and in pain.”

It is necessary to critically evaluate the arguments some people present to refute this belief, because often it feels like Millennials are told: “How dare you believe the world might be a good place, how dare you believe you should be treated well just for existing. Life is pain, princess, anyone who tells you different is selling something, now wipe that smile off your face, shut your mouth and go suffer like I did.

The world that Millennials are so often criticized for wanting is exactly the world that it is the Indigo Mission to bring: a world with no scarcity, a world where life is valued for being life, a world where people choose to work for the sense of meaning and creativity that they bring to it instead of from a place of fear, a world where everyone looks out for one another and catches each other when they fall. Such a world provides the fertile soil for future generations to come into their full power as Souls of Light. Scarcity is not a natural occurrence; the Millennials are the first generation to outright reject the concept of scarcity at its core, and in doing so, they challenge the current World Order that those who hold power do not want to see toppled.

The Millennial Mission is the same as the Indigo Mission: to bring forth a World where all who are Present have the freedom and the prerogative to create what they are meant to bring forth. Millennials have the audacity and the courage to hope for this world, despite the backlash that such hope brings. As Indigos, it is all of our duty to cradle and to further such hope until it resonates through all of Reality.

the original post that is quoted can be found here: http://glorious-spoon.tumblr.com/post/156962539886/

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