Your body has seven major energy centers called Chakras. These vortex-like centers vibrate at different speeds and frequencies translating into color and sound, from red in the base of your spine through all the colors of the rainbow, to violet on the top of your head.

We are all mini rainbows! That’s why we love color so much. When these seven chakras are all balanced, we are the happiest. When our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are in harmony we have unlimited abundance and become joyful co-creators of our lives.

Your Aura Colors

Every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field called an Aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects your state of Mind, Body and Inner Being.

Each color of your Aura has a different Vibrational Frequency and is associated with seven major chakras, or energy centers, in your body. The colors of your Aura reflect your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual energy.

Each color has a unique virbration, providing us with insight and guidance to facilitate change and transformation, both inside and outside of us.

Red: Active, Competitive, Winner, Strong Willed, Sexual, Relates to Circulation, Heart and Physical Body.

Orange: Creative, Productive, Adventurous, Fun Loving, Relates to the Reproductive Organs and Emotional Body.

HollyOrange-Yellow: Analytical Thinker, Intelligent, Secure, Scientific, Detail Oriented, Perfectionist.

Yellow: Creative, Intelligent, Playful, Optimistic, Easy-going, Relates to the Solar Plexus and Life Force energy.

Gold: Abundance, Lightness, Knowledge and Wisdom, Angelic Connection.

Yellow-Green: Communicative, Creative with Heart, Generous.

Green: Teacher, Social, Communicator, Loves People, Animals and Nature, Balanced Relates to the Heart, Lungs, Immune System.

Turquoise: Healer and Therapist, Communicative and Sensitive Relates to the Thymus.

Blue: Caring, Sensitive, Loving, Helpful, Intuitive, Loves to Help Others, Relates to the Heart, Throat & Self Expression.

SandyIndigo: Intuitive, Clear, Loyal, Deep Feelings, Self-Realized, Relates to the Third eye, Visual Organs, Sinus, Nose & Ears.

Violet: Intuitive, Visionary, Magical, Spiritual, Futurisitc, Idealistic, Relates to the Central Nervous System and Crown Chakra.

Pink: Self Love, Sensitive, Sensual, Compassionate, Unconditional Love & Pure Love.

Magenta: Visionary, Artistic, Unique, Spiritual.

White: Spiritual, High Energy Virbrations.