To Struggle or NOT to Struggle

Letting Go is Hard

No discussion about insidious disempowering programs / addictions would be complete without struggle. How many times have you heard the saying, “You have to work hard to get anywhere in life.” ? That’s part of the program instilled at every age. The GOOD NEWS here is that the Indigoes are birthing the Crystal &Rainbow children, who are immune to that doctrine. They simply do not have the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies to accept, tolerate or integrate the old world policies. They are devoted to the energy of sustainability – using all natural resources, adding to the planet, NOT taking away or abusing. THIS is the energy of the New Earth. Let’s thank these incredibly advance Souls for coming in and holding the portal open to our NEW way of existing — with Grace, understanding and flexibility, NOT struggle. Only growth and change for the Good of Humanity.

When we are in “struggle mode” we are in victimhood. That means that we are feeling victimized. Fears abound…. We haven’t taken responsibility for our lives on all levels. Everything is happening for a reason, it’s up to us to decide if we want to be victims or see it as an initiation and a training. The first creates a lot of negative energy and the latter a flow and acceptance and a willingness to explore what the life lesson may be.

Maximizing available energy in any form is the new name of the Game. Live in the PRESENT moment as just bemuch as you possibly can. Forget the past, it’s over and forget the future, we are co-creating it moment to moment, individually and globally. Who really knows what wondrous ways of living we can bring back to Planet Earth. There are no limits.

If you are experiencing what we once called “struggle” look at it differently, as an opportunity for quantum leaps, in all aspects of your journey. It’s an initiation, a master teaching, enabling you to go to the next level. STOP thinking of these golden opportunities in your life as struggle. LET GO of that word and its disempowering meaning.

be freeBe OK with feeling uncomfortable when things in your life are changing rapidly. There can be no change if life is always comfortable for us. Train yourself to dive into the unknown, creating new pathways of beautiful change and gentle transformation.

Struggle versus Grace… which leads to ease…. The choice is yours Dear Ones. Choose wisely from your heart and Fly into your New perception of yourself and your existence.