11801915_10153526608202877_1808769596_nPERCEPTION PART 2

As you may know, this week we are focusing on Perception. If you missed the first blog post, go back and read “Perception Part 1.” Today, we’re talking about how to Change Your Perception to Become a Planetary Player in the Game of Life

Have you ever thought of Life as a Game?  Every experience is an INITIATION. Every single one.  Life is like a school, full of lessons and tests- some minor, and some huge. Every challenge you face is an initiation that will bring you to a higher level in the Game of Life. It’s called Consciousness.  The more Aware you become of the Game and its’ Rules, the happier you become. Why? Because you begin to understand what it’s all about, and your purpose in It.

Let’s have a dialogue about some of the Rules, starting with:

  1. What you focus on, you create. No exceptions.
  2. Everything you put out there comes back to you (Karma). What you do to others, you do to yourself, and what you do to yourself, you do to others.
  3. In order for you to truly love, you must first love your self. No exceptions.
  4. In order to forgive, you must forgive your self first. No exceptions.
  5. Living your True Life Purpose is essential. No exceptions.
  6. Non Judgment is another Name for the Game.
  7. Unconditional Love is another Name for the Game.
  8. There is a Source, connect to it.
  9. We are here to Ascend and move into a Higher Consciousness.

Figure out the rest of the rules for Your Self.  Everything will fall under the rules above. It’s important for your own fulfillment, to live by the Rules to the best of your ability. When you waiver, forgive yourself and learn from it. Do better. Be better. Be kinder. Be more compassionate. Radiate the Love that you wish to receive.

Stay tuned for our next Blog, “Perception PT. 3” coming out soon!