Nutritional Supplements

nutritional supplementsAURA SHOP has the greatest selection of cutting edge nutritional supplements including Super Foods, Minerals, Herbs & Raw Cacao Treats.  We carry super food mixtures, raw protein powder, probiotics, liquid marine phytoplankton, vitamin B12 and D sprays, MSM crystals, liquid chlorophyll, organic silica, Quinton seawater minerals, Abundance Living Food, organic raw royal jelly powder, zeolites, fulvic acid, magnesium spay, cleanses, a wide range of liquid minerals, salts from all over the world, ormus & herbal teas, as well as herbs & medicinal mushrooms from leading herbalists such as Ron Teeguarden, Paul Stamets and Jing Herbs.

Our staff attends at least two conferences a year where we are privy to the leading nutritional information available.  Our practitioners specialize in nutritional supplementation with all our clients since it’s an integral part of their healing process.