Nicole Pigeault

Quantum Radiance is the Most Advanced Technology in the field of Energy Medicine!

Nicole PigeaultNicole Pigeault is an Angel Therapist, ThetaHealer and Quantum Biofeedback Specialist. Nicole and The AuraShop were featured on E! Radical Hollywood Remedies, please see video.

Nicole’s sessions are uniquely designed to balance your energy field, enhancing your physical well being. She will help you to move beyond personal limitations and discover your infinite possibilities. Each session combines the technology of the Quantum SCIO, ThetaHealing and the soothing color therapy of the Original Light Table. You’ll leave your extraordinary session with greater personal insight and a feeling of empowerment to create abundance, love, joy, confidence and more.

  • CREATE the life you want, now
  • FREE yourself from repeating negative patterns
  • RAISE your vibrational frequency and create a balanced energetic field MANIFEST abundance, love, joy, confidence and more
  • RELEASE “energetic blocks” that prevent you from attaining your dreams
  • EMPOWER and center your self
  • INTEGRATE all energies and liberate your body, mind and spirit

NOW is the Time to Clear Beliefs that Block Your Love & Health & Wealth!
2011 is primed to be a dynamic and sensational, almost magical, time for manifestations!

My questions to you are:

  • Are you ready?
  • Are you prepared?
  • Are you willing to let go of the comfort zone that simply isn’t working?

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To experience your Quantum Leap please contact Nicole
at The AURA SHOP™ 310-584-9998 or directly 323-865-1733

Cost: $195

Time: 1 hour

Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays




Jenny McCarthy
“Theta Healing saved my life. I had no idea that my old beliefs were stopping me from reaching inner peace. Recognizing them and then releasing them is a necessary part of spiritual enlightenment. Thanks Nicole!!”

Jenny McCarthy

Jenna Dewan“Theta healings with Nicole have transformed my life
by transforming my core beliefs.

Truly miraculous!”

Jenna Dewan


David Wolfe“I had just flown into LA from five Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Indonesia, the entire continent of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Needless, to say, I felt dizzy!

Nicole and the Aura Shop offered me a session on their healing table with the quantum SCIO which I graciously accepted. After 45 minutes of treatment, I was returned completely to normal.

I was impressed, shocked, even amazed by how effective the treatment was for the unusual situation I was in.
I love the Aura shop and not only for the treatment I received, but also for their joyous staff and the wonderful books they offer!”

David Wolfe
author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, The Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating For Beauty, Naked Chocolate, and Amazing Grace