Paradigm ShiftIs there anyone on this Beloved Planet that is not aware that great changes are upon us?

What is happening?  How can we redefine ourselves and our existence? And, how can we individually and globally best navigate these rapidly growing times?

Everything is changing dramatically and very quickly.  The “old” reality is disappearing – right before our eyes – if we care to look.  This is good news since we had evolved to a state of win/lose, total imbalance – grid lock.  Now that we are on a path of Sustainable Consciousness, we are being forced, coerced, or nudged to release the old ways of disempowerment, so that we can re-create ourselves, fulfilling our Destiny on Earth.

We can choose how we want to participate – kicking and screaming, wining and moaning OR with grace and ease.  Feeling like a victim OR being responsible for our own stuff.  Hanging on to the old OR letting go and free flying into the New.  The choice is yours!

It’s a great time, because we have unlimited opportunities for growth and enlightenment.  Yes, of course it’s very challenging.  Everything great is. . .   It takes time, persistence, courage & unwavering strength.  Remember to look at any “difficulties” in your life as initiations – tremendous growth periods.  Before we know it, we are redefining our World, which is badly in need of drastic change.

Paradigm Shift - 2EVERY ONE of the disempowering programs are breaking down and spiraling out of control. Be a witness, please don’t get into the content.  Let’s celebrate this phenomenal initiation we are all in together & hold the energy of Peace in our HEARTS. Recognize that you are the source of your happiness.

How can we emerge as empowered, harmonious BEings that love and appreciate ourselves and our Planet?  It’s happening already all around us and most significantly within us.  How much you want to contribute or step it up, is your decision. You can make commitments to yourself daily, hourly, whatever it takes.  Be willing to step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park for yourself, your loved ones and for ALL of Humanity.  When you “miss the mark” don’t give up, keep on keeping on. . . . .

Remember there is no right and wrong.  Everything is happening for a reason.  The bottom line is that our only real choice is to accept that and see what we can create out of every situation without judging it good or bad.  OR we can choose to fight against it, become a victim and be disappointed, frustrated and unhappy.

Paradigm Shift - 3You must decide how you want to act or react.  It is totally up to YOU and only YOU.  No one can interfere or stop you.  That is an illusion.  The paths you choose to take will dictate your life lessons. And how you handle those challenges is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life.

You can change direction at any time; the choices are unlimited.  It’s ridiculously amazing – what we can create now that we are in position, now that we know and understand much more who we are and what we are doing here.  Thus, together, we create the NEW REALITY.  A place we have alldreamed of for a long time. . .  A space that comes from our hearts.  An attitude of being completely FEARLESS.

Think of yourself as a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.  It takes time, energy and devotion – everything you need to transformation from the old disempowering you, to the New Empowering You.  And you have that already within you.

Go for it!  Now is the time for us to shine. . .  to reclaim ourselves, to reclaim our planet, our birthright.

I love you all dearly and am so honored to share this auspicious time with you.

In Divine Love & Light, Kate