UntitledOne of the biggest addictions on Planet Earth is “FIGHT OR FLIGHT.”  I can assure you that this insidious programming that we all participated in, is being deleted within all of us, consciously or unconsciously. This is what keeps us in the “matrix,” basically enslaved.  Now that we have chosen to free our mind (thank you Matrix movies), we truly are letting go of all that disempowering information that does prevent us from BEing who we are, and from achieving success and happiness in all facets of our lives.  The best thing we can do is to intend that all of the fight or flight energy that we have embraced, be transmuted by the VIOLET FLAME into the energy of calmness, centeredness, creativity and vitality.  Then you will take back your power and be in control of your destiny, co-creating the life you were born to live with your Higher Self. That happens when you connect your ego personality to your divine God/Goddess energy. Just intend…. the Universe knows how to assist you, leave the details to that Force.  Don’t ever be concerned about how it’s going to happen, just know, be patient and get ready.  We are on the verge Dear Ones, all of You, of taking a quantum leap into the glorious New Earth where all our dreams are manifesting in perfect harmony.  Now is the time to release and refuse the old patterns, the seductive programs that have kept us from the Truth of who we are. Let’s thank all those master teachers who imprisoned our souls, because now we are strong, ready to take back our power and break free of all of it….  Bless them, don’t play their game, the choice is always yours.

Thank you for everything that you do for Beloved Gaia.  She greatly appreciates and loves you unconditionally, as do all of us and the entire Universe.  For you are the Bridgers to the incredible restoration of yourselves and of Humanity. Go in Peace, BE the peace and beam it out to everyone.