Millennial Indigos – Introduction


Traditionally, there is considered to be a great divide between the generations of Millennials and Baby Boomers, and this divide is played up by the media in order to further the inability of the generations to cooperate to topple the old order and create utopia for all. Baby Boomers see Millennials as entitled, coddled, lazy, and expecting rewards without doing any work, and Millennials see Baby Boomers as out of touch with reality and the challenges that they face economically that is written off as “entitlement”, stiff and unwilling to change or consider new ideas, and at fault for the state of the world today.

Neither of these impressions are true, but they are perpetuated by those who want to maintain the old World Order. It is through the combination of the ingenuity and creativity of the Millennials with the diligence of discipline of the Baby Boomers that we can create a new Earth free of scarcity and dis-ease. The Millennial series over the next few weeks will walk through where we are globally, how we got here, and the partnership that can and will emerge.

This series has been co-written by Victoria (born 1995) to provide insight and the Millennial perspective on the current Lightwork that is happening. The artwork chosen for each of the blogs has been first colored by an AI (artificial intelligence program).

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