Merging Technology with the Heart


 Merging Technology with the Heart 

As technology rapidly catapults Humanity into a New World of unprecedented communication, where access to all kinds of information is literally at our fingertips, we find ourselves at a very precarious precipice. We must choose which direction we go from here.  According to many ancient teachings, what we are currently experiencing may be the sixth Age on Planet Earth.  All the previous Ages ended in violent catastrophes, almost brutally destroying the entire population of Earth.

Why do so many believe we are now on the same path in our evolution as a Human Race?  And, what led to these apocalypses?

The answer is simple.  Technology which is masculine in nature, needs Love, the feminine principle to balance. If we can integrate technology with the Heart and the Divine Feminine, it will be used to assist Humanity in the next phase of our transformation; versus exploiting us for our information, selling it to the highest bidder, while promoting a motive of pure profit to perpetuate control of big corporations.  Technology developed with love & compassion is what is saving Humanity from the same destruction of our past.

Brothers  & Sisters of the Light, let us not repeat these historical patterns this time around. We, as fellow Planetary Players, can hold enough love in our hearts now to shift technology into an incredible and unimaginable tool of Mastery to immortalize peace, harmony and abundance for All of Humanity.