Light Body Activation Step #6



What is a Light Body?  It is your Unity Consciousness field of energy – The non-physical 5-D body that contains your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy bodies forming who you are as a BEing. Your Light Body is a gateway to higher 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions and beyond. This week we are focusing on the steps you can take to activate your light body. If you haven’t already, go back and read the “LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION INTRO” and “LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION STEP 1-5” blogs to better prepare yourself when beginning the following….

  1.  Your Mental Body is an integral part of the Light Body Activation process.  Clarity of mind, focus, and higher levels of concentration are essential to your mental health and personal power. Learning to calmly and kindly respond instead of reacting, is the new name of the game. Choosing how to respond by keeping your mental energy connected to your heart is always the way to go.  Remember, if your brain is not directed by Love of Humanity and has other hidden agendas, you will always be searching for deeper fulfillment.

Stay tuned for LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION STEP #7 coming soon!