Light Body Activation Step #5



What is a Light Body?  It is your Unity Consciousness field of energy – The non-physical 5-D body that contains your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy bodies forming who you are as a BEing. Your Light Body is a gateway to higher 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions and beyond. This week we are focusing on the steps you can take to activate your light body. If you haven’t already, go back and read the “LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION INTRO” and “LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION STEP 1-4” blogs to better prepare yourself when beginning the following….

  1.  Your physical health plays an essential role in activating your Light Body. Grounding has never been so important.  For we cannot experience complete Light Body activation until we are fully connected with our physical body. Exercise, nature, sungazing, rest, rejuvenation, deep sleep, and excellent bodywork/energy massages are all ways to ground and nurture your body.  Being in Nature as much as possible will help balance you and connect you to Mother Earth.  Hug a tree, walk barefoot, lay down on the ground, and connect your energy to the center of the Earth with a sacred daily practice honoring your body, your Temple.

Stay tuned for LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION STEP #6 coming soon!