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auraThe first deadly addiction is Fight or Flight programing and the second one is assumption…. When we make assumptions, we believe that is the truth. How many times have you assumed something, only to find out later that you were incorrect? How much energy did you mentally, emotionally and physically waste on a situation which turns out not to be real? Would you do an inventory to see if any drama in your life is based on assumptions that you made? How many of us are willing to summon up our courage to take responsibility to dig deeper to see the source or the real truth? Oh Indigos, THAT would be the sustainable way to go, would it not? Find out all the facts first, go in your heart and BRAVO your life becomes harmonious…..

Because basic Human Minds crave to explain, answer and justify, this leads to an unhealthy way of communicating. During this process what happens is that this habit creates a fertile environment for assumptions to grow – an environment that will inevitably lead to confusion, miscommunication and disappointment. Discovering what you really want is a key to letting go of the need to make assumptions. And that, my friends, is a solo inside job. The more time you spend going within and finding out what makes you who you are, the happier, the more content and truly prosperous (on all realms) you will be and actually are right now. Check it out, and next time you’re tempted to assume, stop yourself, explore and go deeper towards the truth. After all, Indigos are the real Truth Seekers…..

Notice how media news is created to corral you into an assumption… instead of you using your free thinking mind. Watch how big corporations and governments set us up to make assumptions they know are disempowering fabricated non-truths. Why do they spin the news? How can we pull out of the insidious matrix? By stop making assumptions and asking questions.

Then all of our relationships will be cleaner and clearer, eliminating toxic futile emotional trauma. Try your best to understand any situation, and then go in your heart and let that be your Guide. The real reason relationships are challenging and conflicting is because there are too many assumptions. Talk to each other and listen from you heart. Stop assuming…. anything!

Stay tuned for the next disempowering addiction….. It’s a really good one.

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