How To Protect Yourself As An Empath, Part VII


8. Give Thanks. Gratitude is the Empath’s Mantra. You are grateful for your gifts, you are grateful for this life, you are grateful for the abundance that will come to you and the easy flow of all that serves your Higher Self. It’s important that you take responsibility for your special skills and accept help when needed, keep your boundaries, live your truth, and resonate with these loving frequencies. An Open Heart is a grateful one.  Let’s remember to appreciate all life and to learn from our initiations, being grateful for the new wonders they unleash.

9. Trust Your Intuition. This coincides with self-love and boundaries. As an Empath, you are highly intuitive and your Higher Self already resonates with your TRUTH. Your first initial reaction to a situation or a person is your TRUTH – go with it. By believing and trusting yourself, you are sending out those frequencies that you resonate with your TRUTH and are guided by Divine Love.


Play with EMERALD & AZURITE this week to stimulate gratitude while opening your Third Eye.

Follow us next week for the final tool to Protect yourself.


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