How To Protect Yourself As An Empath, Part IV


5. Eat Clean and Living Foods. Due to your sensitive nature, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your sacred temple – your body and mind – pure. Empaths are extremely akin to food intolerance (gluten, dairy, food allergies, digestive issues, animal-based products).  Ethically harvested and prepared organic food (mostly vegetables and fruits), is what you should be feeding yourself. The process and handling of the foods you eat should be as sustainable as possible and always from a place of love. Food is energy, and energy will absorb other energy. Make sure that you are obtaining that which you nourish your physical self only from reputable sources that you feel good about. Make sure to drink plenty of fresh water (spring water is the best) and charge your food and drink with the power of the sun, moon and crystals. Bless that which you ingest and give thanks for each bit of divine energy you absorb.

Play with APATITE & ARAGONITE to promote nutritional healing.

See you next week for another great tool to protect yourself.


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