kate_mitchellKate Mitchell is the founder and Co-owner of AURA SHOP, a resource center for self-awareness & self-empowerment, providing the highest quality, most transformational products & services.  AURA SHOP is almost 19 years old and has been providing international clients with the most cutting edge tools on the planet.

Kate Mitchell is an expert on the Science of Chakra & Color. Accumulating over twenty years of energy/color therapy experience, she developed the PREMIER TRAINING PROGRAM & Manual for the AURA VIDEO STATION, providing quality instruction for therapeutic, energy healing practitioners and retail business owners of the system.  Kate’s unique PREMIER TRAINING PROGRAM taught owners how to utilize the AURA VIDEO STATION to greatly enhance aptitude and ability to assess and interpret a clients’ chakras/colors and bio-data information for optimum results.

Kate has an extensive background in merchandising, marketing, management and public relations.  She is a published author of metaphysical short stories.  Kate is co-founder and CEO of ECO EDEN, a sustainable community currently in development.

She believes that each soul has the right and the ability to reclaim his or her power to bring peace, harmony and abundance to each one of us and our beloved planet.  Kate has dedicated her life to assist others on their path to enlightenment.  She is a devoted student of metaphysics ever expanding her knowlege so that she can be an example to others while sharing her wisdom.