The I AM PRESENCE is the Highest level of consciousness. It is the presence of God/Goddess/Source that exists within each of us. Every man, woman and child on Earth can connect to it. It resides within your Heart.

Each human’s I AM Presence is connected at the CROWN CHAKRA just above the head. When we pray, we can connect to everyone’s I AM Presence, and then we are consciously One (although we are always one; separation is a delusion and an old program still playing out).

The VIOLET FLAME is a transmutative energy that we can use to positively transform any situation. You can visualize or intend that it flow into any aspect of your life, any person, relationship, place or the beloved planet. Use it to change or transmute anything not vibrating at the Highest frequency in your life & in our world.

Many of us love the color purple because of its power and that is why it’s referred to as the color of Royalty.  It’s also the color of your Crown Chakra – your connection to Source.

Here is an example of a simple prayer that we can invoke to assist Humanity at this time:

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity.  Transmute, transmute, transmute with the Violet Flame all that is not of the Highest Order and not fully aligned with Mother/Father God Cosmic Consciousness.

Stay tuned for our next Blog, “Light Body Activation Intro” coming out soon!