How To Tell If You’re An Empath, Part II


  1. You are a great listener.  Because you have the capacity to understand and feel what others are experiencing, you are able to connect to them intimately. When your heart is open, you can help transmute any pain or frustration with them, by just being there for them and listening.  The key is to watch your boundaries –  when the energies begin to overwhelm you, back off, get centered in your heart and cut the tie.  You will have undoubtedly given them what they need to shift. Let go and surrender, allow yourself to regroup and get your energy back.
  2. You are very Spiritual and make an excellent Healer.  Because of your innate & prolific gifts, you can work with others to assist them to transmute negative, dis-empowering energies within their Auric Field.  This takes years of schooling, self-experience and research – no matter what level you feel you may be at.  Life is one initiation after the other. When you begin a path into the Healing Arts, the responsibility to honor, respect and nurture yourself is number ONE.
  3. You are “old system” busters.  You think “out of the box,” may be rebellious (don’t like authority), and are bridging the World from win-lose to win-win. The key here is to stay in your connection to all of Humanity, so that your ego doesn’t personalize your mission here, thereby taking you off your real True Life Purpose.  The Indigo Generation are the Bridgers of the New Earth. It’s time to individually take full responsibility for our personal paths, so that we may fulfill our true Legacy to transform the Planet into the Garden of Eden once more.
  4. You have a High tolerance level.  Your ability for compassion and understanding gives you an above-average tolerance for whatever is happening in your life, those around you, and globally.  You tend to stay in dysfunctional relationships longer than necessary because Empaths will always see the highest light of the person to try to heal the wounded part of him or her. Often times, it becomes hard to know if you are experiencing your own feelings or your partners. The key is to develop your emotional boundaries.
  5. You feel like you have a True Life Purpose.  You came with a mission; it’s in your Heart, your DNA, and within every cell of all your bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Doing a menial job will not be good for you. It can depress you or take you “out” of who you are.  Seek your purpose, activate your connection to your spiritual guides, and you will find yourself closer and closer to fulfilling your Purpose. This will bring you true happiness and wealth on all levels.
  6. You are highly telepathic. You have the ability to “read” others’  feelings and thoughts.  This is an incredible gift and must be used with respect, discernment and unconditional love.  The key is to stay in your Heart, not your Ego.  The Heart is guiding you to your True Purpose and its fulfillment, while the Ego (Solar Plexus) is your initiation to connect your identity & personal power with your Higher Power (Crown Chakra).

Follow us next we to discover easy ways to protect yourself as an Empath, as our Protection Series begins.

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