How To Protect Yourself As An Empath, Part VI


7. Meditate, Balance and Install Personal Rituals. As an empath, it is imperative that you stay balanced and consistent with routines and rituals that honor yourself. Meditation is a sacred practice of spiritual discipline used to relax the mind, merge with Divine Consciousness, and build/extend Life-Force. Through meditation, you can balance and align your chakras, check on your auric field, shield yourself, release any energies that are not serving your Higher Self, and connect with Angels, Elementals, Star-Guides and Ascended Masters.  Creating and implementing personal rituals will give you a sense of stability, the alone time you crave and help keep you grounded.  It will also keep you responsible in honoring yourself by holding space for your time, your spiritual and personal needs, and your spiritual and personal growth. Implementing a morning and evening routine is a beautiful way for you to check-in with yourself and will strengthen your compassion and understanding for others. You are living by example and will resonate with this frequency, which will be felt and imparted to all you come into contact with.


Play with DANBURITE this week to gently expand your Consciousness.  FADEN QUARTZ & SCOLECITE are also excellent tools.

Follow us next week as we continue our Protection Series.


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