How To Protect Yourself As An Empath, Part V


6. Use Crystals. Crystals vibrate at special frequencies and we do, too! Whereas crystals vibrate at their specific frequencies, we are able to vibrate at all of these frequencies. Let’s remember, as Empaths, we have this ability to use this to our advantage! Because of overstimulation of the artificial world/technology & control systems (masculine energy), it’s easy to disconnect from Nature (feminine energy).  Through working with crystals, we remember the earth frequencies, and begin to vibrate with the crystalline energy. Specific crystals for empaths are PREHNITE, which allows, “one to cleanse the aura of energy that does not belong to them,” and allows the cords of attachment to be cut and released. Prehnite facilitates heart-centered connection to all of creation and will connect you to the elementals (Divas of Nature!).  It supports personal discipline and enhances the gift of prophecy and helps you develop your intuition. It is the stone of Archangel Raphael.

BLACK TOURMALINE  is another amazing stone for empaths. It has a protective shield that not only safeguards the aura, but also protects the body from Electro Magnetic Fields, (EMF).  Gridding your haven with a piece of black tourmaline in each corner will create a protective shield.  Adding SELINITE, an angelic stone that is self-cleansing and vibrates at such a high frequency that it keeps other crystals clear, will ensure your space is quite literally guarded with angelic energy and will keep your black tourmaline constantly clear and charged.  HALITE is also a powerful mineral for empaths to work with.  A salt compound, halite clears blocks from psychic abilities and removes negativity.  She also enhances good will, balances mood swings, encourages adaptability and aids in changing negative though patterns and bad habits.

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