How To Protect Yourself As An Empath, Part III


3. Schedule Sessions. Practitioners are empaths, too – and there is a reason why there are so many empaths out there! Ask for the help. We are all in this together. Your spiritual healers will help clear you from unwanted energies. They will also help you understand and develop your gifts. Through sessions, you can strengthen your energy, eliminate karmic bonds and let go of any patterns and behaviors you were taught by society that do not serve your Higher Self. Check out Antea, Nicole, and Shelley, and see if any of their energies call to you.

4. Reconnect With Nature. Nature is called the Great Mother for a reason – she will nurture you and keep you strong. The heartbeat of the earth will resonate with yours and you can feel the Universal Love for all life while keeping your sense of self.  With so much artificial stimulation/technology, there is a great need to return to the Great Mother for balance and stability. Allow your roots to sink into the earth and from there, draw your nutrients and emotional nourishment.  Spending enough alone time is essential. Empaths especially need time to replenish their energy and to “regroup” from a challenging world filled with much emotion being brought to the surface for clearing.

Play with FUSHITE & SERPINTINE to connect to Nature which holds the Original Programming. The reason so many of us are using Crystals is because they are a direct link to Mother Nature and will help balance technology.

Follow us next week as we continue our amazing series on Protection.


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