History of Aurashop


FullSizeRenderThere is a photograph of myself in a tree in Sedona, 1998, the year before we opened AURA SHOP when the concept was a vision. I prayed to Spirit once again to tell me what my true life purpose was… The white shaft of light coming into my body is unmistakable even to the biggest skeptics of metaphysics. It’s the day I “got” the vision – to teach seekers about energy. I was shown a picture of the AURA SHOP.

I keep this photo in the shop as a message to everyone who sees it. When you are ready, you will see what your true life purpose is, in an extraordinary moment. With courage, learn to receive that direction, for it is specifically created for you by You. Your heart & soul know the truth & by staying in that energy (versus our mind), it becomes easier & easier to follow the road before you in a graceful, easy way. That, Dear Ones, is the magic of life…

The Art of Manifesting a family business…

Now, please understand, I had “failed” at having my own business many times, I do not come from a family with wealth, I had no real experience at running a business and at this time I also had very bad credit. I let none of these facts deter me, the vision was strong and I had to believe in It. I began researching and putting together a plan. One day I shared my vision with a friend, who offered to fund the first shop which was in a kiosk in the formerly charming outdoor mall, Century City Shopping Center. Many of you who still frequent the shop met us in that era. It was a small beginning that gave us an opportunity to learn about energy and refine our business skills. We were literally “flying by the seat of our cosmic pants.”

My older son, Miles helped to open the first shop on December 2, 1999 on my younger son, Ryan’s birthday. For those of you who don’t know Ryan, he is an integral part of our Team now and has been instrumental in the transformations since mid 2000. I took that opening date as a real good Sign…. I began to realize that it was a Great plan & that I had a “smaller” part in Its design. At the time, we were unaware that Ryan was six months away from moving to LA to be a part of a family business. So the opening on his birthday turned out to be very prophetic.

Creating our Marketplace…

We were very well received and so we began our journey teaching people about chakras, auras and how energy works. Being in a mall is extremely challenging. On my first day driving to the opening (on Ryan’s Birthday), Spirit told me the location had been chosen for us to clear a lot of ancestral negative energy that was being held in place by the Century City Twin Towers. A long time ago the land was a sacred site for natives and the buildings held the capitalistic win-lose energy. OK I said, sure, anything else?

I told my partners and they said they would support that mission After all, no other mall in Los Angeles would give us a space. Another Sign that this was where we were supposed to be? Yes.

We were doing Aura Photos and no one had done that before in such a main stream setting. Remember this was 16 years ago, pre-Yoga times so most of our clients asked us what an aura was and how it related to chakras. We educated them while learning ourselves. Everyone loved it and was very open to learning and getting our great products that supported the balance of their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual energy. We could not have started the shop anywhere else, except Los Angeles, where innovation and being different is the most widely accepted.

So our little kiosk grew for over four years & our knowledge of the Science of Chakras and business grew along with it. We developed the Chakra Readings that we still do to this day. I created seminars to train business owners internationally who where using the same AURA system that we had.

We met and helped a lot of clients. Then a very big corporation purchased our little mall & everything began to change…. We knew it was time to manifest a store front. We left the details (location, logistics & money) to the Universe and began the process to create our new space.

Manifesting the Store Front out of thin Divine air…

Basically, to get to the next level, we knew we wanted to move to Santa Monica. That was clear. So we drove around to see what “felt” right. We settled on Main Street, it just seemed like the perfect place. We began asking our beloved clients’ for emails, telling them we were moving. When they asked where or when, we told them it had not been revealed to us and we would certainly let them know. We began anchoring in the energy we had created in the mall and planting energy seeds on Main Street. When I got frustrated in the long dark, cold evenings at the mall, I gathered that energy up and threw it on Main Street. I knew in my heart that our days were numbered there and everything was going to dramatically change very soon. You can always tell when a Chapter in your life is closing. And you can bet every fear you have will come up to be healed. It was a lesson in perseverance & determination to keep believing in ourselves and what we had created.

Low and behold, one day some months later I was walking on Main Street, on the phone with a friend and I told her that today I am going to find the space. I wondered who said that, it sounded like me…. It just came out of my mouth.

I saw a sign in a shop window that said FOR RENT. I walked right in and told the landlord that I wanted the space. When I was informed that it would not be available for 3 months, I said no problem. That would give me the time to figure out how I was going to get the money to move and how I was going to sign a commercial lease with my credit score… Besides they were putting a roof on what is now the Room of Ascension (that space was outdoors when I first saw the location). So I knew this was the place and I thanked the Universe for that room that was being created for AURA SHOP.

Please understand, that Ryan and I were barely living off the kiosk. Many months we had to use every card he had (I had none) to make ends meet. However, we always made it happen with a lot of prayers (thank you Nicole). Most importantly, we loved what we were doing and so did all our clients. We knew we just had to some how keep it going.

Going out on a Limb…

Many corporations wanted that space and my landlords were considering all of us. The situation at the now Westfield Mall was getting really desperate for us. We just did not want to play that win-lose game, they had doubled our rent and the rules and regulations were endless. Because my landlord did not really understand what we were doing, I invited him to come to the kiosk. He brought his young son and I did Aura Readings for them. I made him aware of what rent I was paying for that little kiosk and that the new space on Main Street would only be a few hundred dollars a month more!

Ryan and I got to a point where we knew we had to honor ourselves and give our notice at the mall. We did this without officially knowing if we would even get the new space. The competing corporations certainly had a lot of “power” to back up their potential lease. We let it all go, not knowing how things would play out, complete surrender….

We had been talking to a lot of associates and friends regarding our plans but so far no one had committed to helping us financially. We needed 50K at that time to move in. We just prayed a lot for guidance and now in retrospect, I can see we got all the initiations and life lessons that we needed and they all revolved around Trust.

Sometimes you just have to dive off the mountain top and build your wings on the way down. . . If you stand there ready and waiting for them, it’s not going to happen and years down the road, you may wonder what went wrong. It was time for us to GO FOR IT.

Another Sign…

With just weeks left on our lease at the mall, we got the call we were waiting for. They were giving AURA SHOP the space! It was my birthday! You can’t even make this up… I told my landlord that this was my best birthday yet! The money fell into place. We did some creative financing and someone lent us half the money we needed at a low interest rate with years to pay back. If you would have told me this person was going to save us at the final hour, I would have said, ‘No Way…’ We took possession of our now current location on April 1st, 2004 April Fools Day – the fool stepping out over the world to an unknown place. We opened one month later May 1st, May Day.

We weathered the extreme financial situation in the USA which began in 2008. We learned so much; to run a tight ship, to provide our clients with the best products available, and to always remember the original vision and how to implement it.

We have had many practitioners and staff over the years, who have all contributed in great ways. A huge thanks to all of you! Nicole and Leilani have been with us since the beginning, always holding the AURA SHOP vision. My Sister, Cory, whom many of you know has been here devoting her time and energy over the years. My brother-in-law, Clayton has manned the ship when we were off doing our spiritual seminars. My nephew, Jordan and his now wife, Cindy, worked at the shop for a few years. Antea came on board, five years ago, first as a client and then as a healer. Lizette came to help us when she saw we needed assistance. Shelley, renowned astrologer, joined us and Megan came on board recently to revitalize our social media.

Our Team is the best ever and we are all so grateful to continue AURA SHOP with this expansion, which comes right after our 11 year anniversary on Main Street. As some of you know, we have attempted to get the space next door for several years to no avail. Of course now in a Master Number of 11, it’s Divine time. Another Sign? Absolutely.

I hope you all enjoyed that precious history story. It is with humility & deep gratitude that I remember how it all got started & it’s an honor to share it with you now, during this auspicious expansion…

With Divine Love & Light always, Kate

Stay Tuned for the Sequel. . .


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