Heather Dawn, Certified Crystal Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive

Heather brings over 20-years of experience in the health and wellness field. As a certified Reiki Master who specializes in working with crystals and sound therapy, Heather partners with her clients to help transform their lives. Using her gift of intuition and educational background as a certified yoga therapist and meditation teacher, her energy sessions are filled with knowledge, compassion, guidance, healing and…humor. Energy work can be a vital part of our health and well being. It helps clients to activate and strengthen their innate healing mechanisms, through revitalizing and shifting blocks in the many layers of the luminous energy field (the aura). Heather strives to improve the quality of life with everyone she works with.

Click here to see available sessions and book online! You may also book over the phone or via text: 1(310) 488-7681