GreedOne of the most prevalent deadly addictions on this Planet is greed. . . the constant desire for more.

Remember, all addictions originate from programs of dis-empowerment. And these programs can be deleted in time and harmony with each soul’s evolution.

Certainly the Movie, Wall Street, released in the 80s exemplified the seductive win-lose programming that was being taken to a newer & higher level of installation into our brains. America came to believe that “Greed is good.” So, regardless of which side you were on of win-lose, your focus became the acquisition of things – big, small, grand, expensive, cheap, exotic, common, whatever. More things…..

System Failure

Road sign: New Paradigm AheadGreed set us up for the old divide and conquer routine. When we were separated, it was easy to be enslaved and controlled. Now that those days are almost over, we are being “torn” out of an outmoded disempowering belief into a new holistic, loving and sustainable existence.

Let’s take a deep breath….. It appears now that everything is spiraling out of control. It’s just the appearance. The reality, is that we are rapidly moving out of greed and into gratitude. Trust yourself, it’s happening, and all in accordance of your Creation. Yes, yes we can step it up. AND even more importantly, we can step OUT of it.

If you find yourself in competition, you’re in greed / acquisition mode.

There is no more win-lose, the New World which has been birthed is win-win.

If you are in greed, your Feminine energy cannot exist, so you are forfeiting love and intuition. Then the Masculine energy is extremely unbalanced and out of control, in control or wanting to control — OR all of the above. It’s another addictive program… Are you are getting the picture? lol

Looking for happiness in things is the same as looking for happiness outside of ourselves. And that Dear Ones, as we all know, is a futile endeavor.
Hands holding up earth together

Greed can only exist if fear is present. Fear does not follow the inherent sacred laws, it goes against them, causing chaos, struggle and disappointment.

There is abundance everywhere and enough for everyone, always. Accept, receive, thrive. And BE in gratitude.

The good news is that greed is all consuming, taking without the energy of receiving or giving. Eventually the “beast called Greed” will begin “eating itself.” That’s why it’s good news for us. Spirit has shown me this and it was indeed a shocking visual, as you can imagine. The thing is, that right now “it” doesn’t know it’s eating itself. And when it (Greed) finds out, it will be too late for survival. It’s just a matter of time. Patience is one of the initiations along this path we are all traversing together. Non-judgment and unconditional love play important roles now and must be fully on line, activated. Just intend it.

New Vs. Old Paradigm

Nature is our salvation, for it works on the principle of sharing, not greed. So Dear Indigos, retreat to nature as much as you can until we can be constantly living on our eco communities. Let’s holographically image that way of Life now in our minds and in our hearts. This is our future. Let us claim it, command it and feel it.

In Divine Love Light & Laughter, kate

Win Win Win