Ginge Katie Cox, Angel Intuitive & Psychic Reader of the Aura Shop
Ginge has been working in the energy field for 17 years. She comes from a lineage of psychics and healers. She loves enhancing other’s gifts and serving as a battery and channel so others can connect to spirit themselves. She has been a Reiki Master since the age of eleven, and grew up in a house with psychics, tarot readers and astrologists.
Her modalities include:
Angel Intuitive and psychic readings
Ancestral healing with cord cutting and akashic records
Guided self hypnosis and affirmations
Book a Session with Ginge and experience a direct connection with your Guides and Angels. Clear cords with past and current relationships and ancestral energy. Learn about past lives and heal past wounds.
Click here to book a session! You may also book over the phone or via text: 1(310) 488-7681