The Chinese art of placement and harmonious living awakens the hidden qualities of the environment

  • Feng Shui maximizes the potential of space and empowers its residents:
  • Individuals become more creative, productive and joyful.
  • Homes, offices and other living spaces are our expanded bodies, extensions of ourselves.
  • A beneficial, well balanced environment invites greater health, abundance and happiness in ones life.

What you will find out in a session:

  • Your best sleeping direction and location
  • How to support and/or improve your relationships
  • How to enhance your wealth ch’i
  • Where it’s best to locate your workspace
  • What are the most healing and relaxing areas
  • How to overall improve the quality of the energy in the space
  • What colors to use in the interior decoration
  • Interior design suggestions

Architect/Designer and Feng Shui consultant Alessandra Madau has been working internationally for over eighteen years.
She was trained in all major schools of Feng Shui including Xuan Kong Feng Shui or Space-Time School. She has done extensive studies and research on several other ancient systems of sacred sitting such has the Indian (Vastu Shastras) the Greek, Etruscan, Celtic and Roman.

Alessandra was one of the first architects to use Feng Shui principals together with aroma and color therapy as essential parts of the design process. She is Designer and Feng Shui consultant for many high profile companies and personalities in the entertainment business and financial world.

Committed to a holistic approach to design she integrates Feng Shui into a vision of space that exalts aesthetic value, functionality, richness of forms and creative freedom.

Services offered:

  • On site and off site consultations
  • Consultations on residential and commercial properties
  • New construction and remodeling design
  • Advice on purchase of buildings and land
  • Space clearing
  • Room re/design and makeovers

Special consultation for:

Wellness centers, Spas and Healing centers

For more information e-mail aurashop@aol.com