Fear of Death

Fear of dying is a disempowering program instilled in our everyday culture in the Western World. The way we keep each other “alive” with machines and our selfish “will” is unnatural and debilitating. We have gotten to the point en mass where we simply cannot let go of our loved ones.  Remember, if you are fighting death, you are going into “Fight or Flight” mode and that is another disempowering program.  So we are basically adding programs on top of each other and they are all totally interactive (a dangerous situation). 

Fear of Death is Unfounded

The key thing here is that all the programs are set to hurt us on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We become emotional cripples, indecisive and fearful persons; we become separated from our Source, and we start getting dis-eases in our beloved bodies – our Temples. Now our bodies are crying out for us to STOP accepting programs that are hurting us.

We can come up with endless excuses for buying into the dark side, for example:

* hanging on to a loved one because we are too insecure and need their validation.
* not wanting to cross over because there’s a feeling of obligation and responsibility for our loved ones.
* feeling our life is incomplete.
* judging the past and the decisions made.

Fear of the unknown…. how did this happen? How were we led away from our adventurous exploratory sides? Led from our open hearts and open minds? And most importantly, how can knowing this clarify and accelerate our ascension path? Well, Dear Indigos, more good news!

The-fear-of-death-followsJUST knowing is half the challenge / battle / initiation – however you want to experience it. Then half of the half (1/4) is dramatically activated / accelerated by our Spiritual Guides. Wow, that means that once you are aware, you are 3/4 of the way to a whole new freedom, unimaginable, undefinable and unforgettable.

Death is a transition to the next phase of your existence. A new beginning. Think of it as a “doorway” to another way of BEing – something somewhat memorable but simultaneously somewhere totally unknown. The more we understand and accept here, the more exhilarating our transition and “new space” will be. The more we grow here, the more we can co-create new spaces of sustainable existences.

fear life unlivedLet us think of death as a graduation, a celebration of a soul’s journey. Be happy, rejoice and remember the Gifts. Isn’t it an incredible initiation when a soul makes the transition, a passage of right, a completion? Isn’t that the truth? Hold them in love & light always.

Remember the laws of physics: energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed into something new. Let all of us join the Indigos in taking responsibility for the keeping of our energy – individually, globally and galactically. We are One.

In Divine Love & Light, Kate

Kate Mitchell