Everything is an Initiation


Everything is an initiation.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  When you are having a challenge of any kind, simply say out loud, “This is an initiation.”  What this does, is take you out of the emotional attachment and into your Higher Self.  That way you can begin to see or feel what the underlying life lesson is that you have attracted for the purpose of learning about yourself and eventually healing all the discordant energies in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We call it “Ascension” – moving from a 3rd dimensional existence (carbon based) into a non duality 5th dimensional way of living (crystalline diamond based).  Being flexible, living in the Present moment and staying out of judgement is the only way to go at this time.  Practice it, experiment and research for yourself.  Saying out loud, “My aura is bright and luminous,” reminds you of who you are and brings vital energy to all of your bodies, especially your Light Body.  Practice it several times a day.  Also, repeating, “I activate my Star Seed Chemical in my brain,” is another way to deliver high frequency energies to your pineal and pituitary glands (your third eye and crown chakras). It assists in anchoring all of the incredibly powerful energies coming in right now.  We are the Indigo Light Workers bridging mankind and Gaia, our Beloved Planet Earth, into the Golden Age of peace and enlightenment. Thank you to each and every One of You for being here, for holding the all the Light, and for your participation in this glorious transit into the New World.  It’s already here within your Heart.  Stay there, and All is Well……