Engage in Active Listening


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Engage in Active Listening
Every day you have the opportunity to engage in Active Listening, to truly allow yourself to connect with the people around you.  It’s an art to keep yourself in the PRESENT MOMENT, to be aware of every word and nuance of an individual. Feel the contact, the excitement of interacting on a Soul-to-Soul level. Sometimes a verbal response isn’t necessary.  Everyone wants to be heard and Humans have an innate desire to connect with one another.  We are all One.  We reflect each other constantly.
Even a smile and eye contact allows you both to engage each other through the Heart Consciousness. You are a Beacon of Light and Love, and you spread this Love through the awareness of people in your everyday life.  Acknowledge people as you pass them, a simple nod is often all it takes. You have the chance in every interaction to brighten someone’s day simply by Being Present.
Remember that every thought, every gesture, begins with gratitude… be a living example of LIVING in the PRESENT MOMENT and take the time to feel thankful for yourself, for this planet, and for each other. When we respond to each other from a place of love and gratitude, this resonates on a high light vibration that we can feel. Truly listening to each other, to ask Spirit to open your ears and your heart, allows that vibration to flow and will enable us to connect on all levels!
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