Destiny is “the particular state of a person or thing in the future, considered as resulting from earlier events.”

We all want to determine our own destiny.  And we all want our destiny to be brilliant. But how does that work?  This is the question….   Let us all have a discussion of what “fulfilling our destiny” could mean to us.

If destiny is the result of past events, decisions and behavior, how can we make the most of what comes our way to ensure that our True Destiny is the best that it can be?  If we are fulfilling our destiny, then every aspect of our life is in harmony – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We are happy.  We are balanced, giving & taking equally. We are living sustainably.

When “things aren’t going our way,” can we alter our perception so that we see opportunities instead of feeling like victims?  Is everything a blessing, sometimes in disguise?  Can we train ourselves to see all experiences in our life as just THAT and positive???  YES.

Creator of your own destiny

Begin today, by simply intending it.  You will attract exactly what you need to accomplish this.  Watch for the clues, the signs and the messages that come your way and follow the path before you, one step at a time. Keep on keeping on, get back on the horse, never give up, you are right.  This phase will be a huge initiation for perseverance, determination, will, steadfastness, personal power & add whatever applies to you personally.

Unplug to fulfill your destinyDestiny is the “force that some people think controls what happens in the future and which cannot be influenced by people.”  If that is the case, then what is influencing our path because some things certainly are lol?   How can we individually and ultimately, globally learn to flow with and possibly co-create our own interconnected destiny?  Here is some direction.  Practice the following every day and unplug now once & for ALL: 

  • Being in the present moment
  • Being flexible and ready to change direction moment by moment.
  • Following your heart.
  • Meditating
  • Staying out of drama
  • Surrounding yourself with kindred spirits
  • Trusting yourself
  • Being fearless
  • Taking a leap of faith
  • Connecting to your Higher Self

You can’t change the direction of the Wind, however, you can adjust your sails with infinite possibilities.  You choose.  It’s time to go for it now.  Dive.  Build your “wings” on the way down (thank you Ray Bradbury, where ever your beautiful soul is).

And what exactly is the “Wind’?

We call It many words. Here are just a few:

GodDear Destiny I Am Ready Now
Holy Spirit
Higher Self
Cosmic Energy

This is the essential connection to our Spiritual Bodies. This real marriage ensures the absolute total fulfillment of your Destiny in all forms and in all dimensions.  A relationship with your Guides can be in any form.  Many dispensations have occurred that enable them to connect and help us more that ever before.  Thank them profusely often for helping you fulfill yourself accordingly and especially in our outer world, which is in focus right now.

Manifesting our Physical Destiny by visualizing from our Heart, is what many of us spend our happy time doing. We see similar things to you – a healthy Planet with healthy souls living in peace & harmony with total abundance.  We see the Garden of Eden.  We see Eco Eden.  We see the New Earth with all Her residents restored and thriving. And THAT Dear Ones, I can assure you, is our Destiny.