December 22nd – January 20th

Garnet (Yin)

Garnet grounds and adds structure to your ambitious and responsible being. It can assist you in manifesting your dreams and goals, of which are limitless.

Onyx (Yang)

Onyx provides the structure and authority you desire, while strengthening your self-confidence and independence. It enhances self-control to balance your serious and disciplined nature.

Other stones recommended for Capricorn: Amber, Amethyst, Aragonite, Azurite, Carnelian, Fluorite, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Malachite, Obsidian, Peridot, Quartz, Ruby, Tigers Eye, Turquoise


January 21st – February 19th

Amethyst (Yin)

Amethyst supports assimilation of the new ideas of which you are the forefront. It promotes a calm and peaceful energy to support your fixed, yet ever evolving sign.

Aquamarine (Yang)

Aquamarine provides stability for your spiritual and emotional challenges. It carries a shielding property to protect your humanitarian brotherhood.

Other stones recommended for Aquarius: Amber, Angelite, Celestite, Fluorite, Garnet, Hematite, Labradorite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz


February 20th – March 20th

Amethyst (Yin)

Amethyst bridges your everyday reality with your strong spiritual and ethereal presence. It bestows stability and strength for your sensitive and emotional boundaries.

Moonstone (Yang)
Moonstone helps to apply your intuitive strengths to the real world around you. It aids in releasing emotional blockages and provides you with diligent endurance.

Other stones recommended for Pisces: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Coral, Fluorite, Halite, Labradorite, Opal, Smithsonite, Turquoise


March 21st – April 19th

Diamond (Yin)
Diamond helps you to be more considerate of the feelings of others. It enhances your generosity and ability to empathize.

Ruby (Yang)
Ruby naturally aids your strong drive and instinctual success. It can be used cautiously to bring bottled up feelings to the surface.

Other stones recommended for Aries: Amethyst, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Garnet, Kunzite, Kyanite, Magnetite, Pink Tourmaline, Quartz, Stilbite, Topaz


April 20th – May 20th

Emerald (Yin)
Emerald helps you to find successful love and an outlet for your sensuality. Emerald can transform your tendency of stubbornness into one of acceptance.

Topaz (Yang)
Blue Topaz calms the practical side of your energy and raises intuitional awareness. It promotes the creativity and confidence that is abundant within you.

Other stones recommended for Taurus: Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Diamond, Kunzite, Kyanite, Lapis, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Selenite, Tigers Eye, Tourmaline


May 21st – June 21st

Tourmaline (Yin)
Tourmaline balances the two sides of the brain and integrates your outer and inner selves. It promotes your desire to be of service and enhances your social nature.

Agate (Yang)
Agate aids your busy schedule and ability to perform many tasks simultaneously. It enables you to remain alert to the task at hand and see the bigger picture.

Other stones recommended for Gemini: Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Calcite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Jade, Pearl, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire, Serpentine, Tigers Eye, Topaz


June 22nd – July 23rd

Pearl (Yin)
Pearl nurtures and protects your kind and sympathetic tendencies. Its integrity and purity help you to let go of the past and move onward.

Moonstone (Yang)
Moonstone helps you to harness your intuition and apply it practically to everyday life. Ruled by the moon, it can help to balance your mood swings.

Other stones recommended for Cancer: Amber, Calcite, Chalcedony, Emerald, Halite, Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Ruby


July 24th – August 23rd

Ruby (Yin)
Ruby represents the nobility and recognition that you crave. It stabilizes your economic status to balance your generosity.

Tiger’s Eye (Yang)
Tiger’s Eye radiates benevolent warmth to protect your open energy. It enhances your courage and inner strength to help overcome limitations.

Other stones recommended for Leo: Amber, Carnelian, Cinnabar, Citrine, Danburite, Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Kunzite, Labradorite, Larimar, Onyx, Peridot, Pyrite, Rhodochrosite, Turquoise


August 24th – September 22nd

Peridot (Yin)
Peridot releases any hurt feelings due to a tendency to be too critical of yourself. It assists in letting go of bad habits and promotes success in love.

Onyx (Yang)
Onyx aids you in understanding circumstances that counter your tendency to seek perfection. This stone represents truth and virtuous conduct resonant to you.

Other stones recommended for Virgo: Amazonite, Blue Topaz, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Garnet, Moonstone, Opal, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire, Smithsonite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Tourmaline


September 23rd – October 22nd

Opal (Yin)
Opal amplifies your inner traits to strengthen and stimulate creativity. This ‘stone of happiness’ awakens your adaptive nature.

Sapphire (Yang)
Sapphire promotes cooperation and understanding in interpersonal relationships. It helps to bring your dreams and desires to fruition.

Other stones recommended for Libra: Ametrine, Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Chrysocolla, Emerald, Jade, Kunzite, Lapis, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Topaz


October 23rd – November 22nd

Topaz (Yin)
Topaz sooths and calms your intensity as well as any secretive tendencies. It will help you to forgive and let go of any resentment.

Malachite (Yang)
Malachite aids your unerring determination and powerful presence. It helps you to understand and release stressful experiences.

Other stones recommended for Scorpio: Aquamarine, Beryl, Charoite, Dioptase, Emerald, Garnet, Green Tourmaline, Herkimer, Kunzite, Labradorite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Peridot, Rhodochrosite, Ruby


November 23rd – December 20th

Topaz (Yin)
Topaz is an excellent companion on your quest for knowledge. It broadens your perspective and lightens your path to spirituality.

Turquoise (Yang)
Turquoise protects and helps attune you to unseen realms that arouse your curious nature. If you live too much in the future, it will help to ground your energy to the present.

Other stones recommended for Sagittarius: Amethyst, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate, Chalcedony, Dioptase, Garnet, Heaulandite, Labradorite, Peridot, Ruby, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite