Agate is a variegated class of chalcedony; usually exhibiting colored bands or other markings. However some agate is not patterned.

  • Balances yin-yang energies
  • Stabilizes & cleanses the aura
  • Acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to both transform and eliminate negativity
  • Helpful when examining oneself & the circumstances relevant to their well-being
  • Can be placed in water for use in cooking and/or for drinking to dispel sickness
  • Has been used to strengthen sight, diminish thirst, & to promote marital fidelity
  • Astrological sign of Gemini

These properties are common to all members of the Agate family. However, each individual type of agate possesses further qualities. Use your knowledge of color and charkas to enhance the agate properties listed above accordingly:

Blue Lace Agate: most useful for throat chakra, communication, calming, etc.

There are most likely hundreds of different agates that have not been categorized so have fun with them. You might discover one that has never been seen before.


A variety of Chrysoberyl- Beryllium Aluminum Oxide

Alexandrite is named for the former czar of Russia, Alexander II
If genuine, this mineral will exhibit the color green by sunlight and red-violet by artificial light

  • Said to be the most powerful gemstone to escalate spiritual evolution
  • Has regenerative powers
  • Creates a more balanced emotional state
  • Used to rebirth the inner and outer self
  • Assists one in centering the self
  • Reinforces the self esteem
  • Aligns the mental, emotional, and Etheric bodies
  • Brings good fortune to its owner
  • Aids dis ease of the nervous system, disorders associated with lukemia
  • Astrological signs of Scorpio

Chemistry: KAlSi3 O8, Potassium aluminum silicate

Also known as Microcline
Notable occurrences include Colorado, North Carolina, Russia, Norway, Madagascar

A type of feldspar that crystallizes in the form of prismatic crystals, tabular crystals or masses

  • Assists in releasing emotional body grief by helping to express it creatively
  • Helps to release the feeling of a need to suffer
  • Provides pacification and eliminates aggression
  • Soothes all chakras
  • Releases worry and fear
  • Helps to manifest and retain the pure energy of Universal Love
  • Produces a balancing & preventative energy
  • A lovely stone to carry or wear for general health maintenance
  • It balances the female/male energies, bringing forth the qualities of clarity & clear spirit
  • Helps to integrate and synthesize duality
  • Balances the many aspects of one’s personality
  • Improves communication
  • Wonderful relationship stone
  • Heals thymus
  • Astrological sign of Virgo

Chemistry: C10H16O, Succinite: fossilized tree resin

Notable Occurrences include all Baltic countries, Venezuela, Russia, Romania, Burma and the Dominican Republic.

Amber is a fossilized resin (petrified pine tree sap millions of years old) that is usually golden to yellow brown in color

Often contains leaves, seeds, flowers or insects

  • Allows the body to heal itself by absorbing negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy
  • Helps one in the art of manifestation
  • Stimulates and opens the Crown Chakra
  • Assures promises and brings good luck to warriors
  • Highly calming and provides the user with a protective shield against the pain of others
  • Stabilizes the emotional body and promotes one’s mental and emotional strengths
  • Treatment of throat disorders, suicide and depression
  • Astrological signs of Leo & Aquarius

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Variety of Quartz

Notable occurances include Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico

A variety of quartz that forms in crystalline or massive form

  • Known as the “Stone of Spirituality and Contentment”
  • Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of the spiritual and ethereal levels
  • Clears the aura and stabilizes any dysfunctional energy in the body, bestowing stability, strength, & peace
  • An excellent “Stone of Meditation”
  • Conducts calm and peaceful energy to help enter & maintain the meditative state
  • For humility
  • Assists in surrender and letting go
  • For mental clarity
  • Provides prosperity and helps business affairs to prosper
  • Encourages & supports sobriety, working for one who is attempting to find freedom from addictions
  • Empowers the Crown Chakra
  • Astrological sign of Pisces, Aquarius, & Capricorn

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Merging of Citrine & Amethyst

Notable occurances include Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico

A mixing of citrine & amethyst that forms in crystalline or massive form

  • Stabilizes the balance between spirituality and daily life
  • The stone for “Universal Equilibrium”
  • Stimulates the development of consciousness
  • In meditation & attunement used to reach higher states more quickly
  • Disperses negativity from the aura
  • Facilitates the release of blockages from the physical, emotional, mental, and auric bodies
  • Allows one to recognize the need to eliminate prejudice
  • The amethyst raises the clearing qualities of the citrine to a higher level while expanding the extent of the energy
  • Helpful when one is provided with artificial organs, implants, prosthetics
  • Astrological sign of Libra

Stone of the Universal Light Matrix Crystal Therapy

Andara is a New Age crystal formation, which is here to assist us to move beyond time barriers, through interdimensional vectors  and integrate with future forms

Andara is unique as it is the result of monatomic metallic elements that are found naturally in the Etherium powders heated to high temperatures.  This process not only transmutes the Etherium powders, but refines the monatomic metallic metals and enhances their exotic properties.  Testing has shown that Andara crystal glass resonates at the high frequency of the exotic matter they were created from.

The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart.

Monatomic Andara crystal is one of the master crystals, a healer and a powerful tool for: (1) increasing awareness and vibration to access universal knowledge; (2) cleaning and balancing chakras; (3) activates one’s energy-channeling ability; (4) accelerates the spiritual development process, and (5) aids you to manifest the life chooses.

Andara Crystals

Amber: Golden Brown

  • Promotes the direction of one’s path and choices.
  • Creates mental and emotional strength. It has a calming effect

Merlin’s Light: Green

  • It holds the energy of magic.
  • It brings forth vision and manifestation.
  • Merlin’s Light awakens leprechaun alchemy and restores the powers of royalty.
  • It holds the ancient knowledge of the emerald tablets.
  • Merlin’s Light gives you access the many dimensions.
  • It awakens the wisdom of the grandmothers.

Avalon Blue: Clear with light- to very light – bluish tint

  • Holds the energy of the high priestess.
  • Restores grace, peace, harmony, acceptance and compassion.
  • It brings forth a peaceful change.
  • A channel for divine energy holding mother energy. Bring you to a place of oneness with your Divine Plan & path.
  • This is the awakening of work begun long ago.


  • Holds together all things. The most balancing & grounding of all Andara, yet, within the Black is all eternity and access to it. Great power is held within it and as such it is rare & sacred.
  • Sanat Kumara works with Thoth to provide access to those who are ready to receive and have the open heart, love and will of Divine Good. The Black Andara as a key.

Camelot Champagne: Very pale yellow/peach, Tan or Carmel.

  • The Camelot Champagne Andara holds the energy of wonder, restoring joy, innocence and magnificence.
  • Camelot Champagne builds community and creates possibilities.
  • Camelot holds universal knowledge & opens the heart of the child.

Ane’la: Aqua Blue

  • This is the angel stone holding the Field of one’s Intention.
  • Brings the clearest expression of an individual’s Source Consciousness that can be embodied.
  • Allows the possibility of receiving, ascending & integrating potential that the Ane’la Consciousness embodies. Opens stargate of Unlimited Consciousness.
  • The frequency is exponentially increased through the infusion of the angelic frequencies Ane’la consciousness elicits.
  • Aligns one through the purity of one’s intentions, one’s individual field is catapulted into rarefied Angelic dimensions.

Divine Fire: Opaque to semi-clear, Light Red to Dark Red

  • The Fire of the Divine burns through all the old energies and old patterns bringing you a clear and balanced body, mind and spirit.
  • The Fire Andara is under the guidance of Babaji who closely oversees and guides all who take on the energy purification and balancing through the Fire Andara.
  • A profound connection to the Goddess Pelé brings an honoring of the Goddess & deep spiritual value in the Divine that lies within.

Gold / Green:

  • Promotes creativity bringing all the elements of Merlin’s Light Green; honor, wisdom and connectedness to Divine Source.
  • Pure wisdom Gold brings you to Aero Point within as it integrates the polarities of masculine and feminine within the individual.
  • A divine gift brought here for this special mission and the timing is crucial. Its mission is very large indeed.

Merlin Purple

  • Holds Merlin’s Light Green energy with the additional of bringing a powerful magical alchemy that can not be described.
  • Helps to Activate the Third Eye
  • Improves intuition

Oracle Clear:

  • This crystal is a channel for wisdom and focus.
  • The Oracle Clear holds the energy of clarity and brilliance.
  • It resonates focus, wisdom and truth.
  • It opens the doorway to the future.
  • It is the director of energy.
  • The Oracle Clear holds the wisdom of the grandfather.

Higher Heart Celestial Green / Blue:

  • Brings together the energies of the higher heart & throat chakra merging powerful gifts of communication & unconditional agape.
  • Archangel Michael’s influence brings a merging within while allowing the outward communication to flow from the depths of one’s soul/
  • Brings grace to one’s self & others in the presence of the Andara’s energy.


  • Promotes unconditional love and compassion opening the heart chakra to forgiving and receiving.

Shaman’s Stone: Dark Root Beer Brown, Light Brown, Opaque

  • These are the peace keepers. Place them at your front gate and everyone that comes through the gate will be blessed by this stone.
  • Holds the energy of Mother Earth and provides total healing within.
  • Nurturing loving, grounding energy. Helps you build foundations.
  • Holds the powers of shape shifting & ability to see things from new perspectives. Clears old energies. It returns all things back to their original state. Hold father energy.

Seafoam: Yellow, Blue, Green, Tan or Brown sometimes.

  • Seafoam holds some or all of the properties of the Andara Crystals.
  • Clears generational heritage-DNA clearing past life related issues.
  • Renews cellular memory cleansing body, mind and spirit. Its like immersing yourself in an ocean of Mother Earth Elements of Water and Salt honoring the Divine Feminine.
  • The salt element rebuilds your cellular memory manifesting emotional calm & stability to walk through the world in a powerful way.

Luminescent Blue (Sapphire):

  • Carries the gifts of power, will, drive, confidence and strength and is connected to the Will of God.
  • Ascended Master El Morya, the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas, is at work through the Luminescent Blue Andara and together, he and Archangel Michael work through the throat chakra to transform all to the will to do good.

Lavender Blue:

  • A powerful psychic crystal it helps put you in touch with your intuition.
  • He Lavender Andara opens the spiritual psychic center of the mind; the third eye.
  • Works with St. Germain and the energies of violet transformation.

Luminescent Green:

  • Brings healing, focused working through the heart of chakra.
  • Concentrates on concrete science, knowledge and research, and is connected to the Temple of Truth.
  • Ascended Master Hilarion is bringing in scientific aspects of the New Age through the Andara, teaching us to use our mental powers by dropping seed thoughts of the new technology and scientific ideas into receptive minds.
  • Expands the mind bringing new consciousness & spirituality into all areas of scientific discovery. Brings accuracy, justice & common sense. Works with Archangel Raphael bringing healing energy.

Luminescent White: Opaque

  • Holds the secrets of God, the universe & the true history of the planet, working to establish heaven on earth.
  • Holds the energy of an ancient cosmic being in charge of the order of Melchizedek which organizes the Mystery School, which holds the secrets. Jesus was a high priest in the Order of Melchizdek.
  • All humans belong at some level to this order. Archangel Metatron works together with Melchizedek to teach those who are ready.

Luminescent Yellow:

  • Brings a higher octave of light, wisdom, truth and understanding.
  • Works directly with Ascended Master Kuthumi and Archangel Jophiel who helps touch people with wisdom and illumination, tact, foresight, consideration and friendliness.
  • Promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and power. Brings harmony through detachment to the 3rd chakra.

Merlin Blue

  • Holds the qualities of Royalty and the Mystical.
  • Holds the qualities of Merlin’s Light Green Andara as well.
  • Bring powerful connection  with the celestial reams and great alchemy.
  • Energetically, moves energy in a spiritually uplifting way.

Yellow / Green:

  • Helps relieve nervousness and pressure by holding it in your hands.
  • Wear it around your neck or in your pocket and it will help relax you.
  • Creates the connection between one’s intellectual nature and Mothe Earth’s Nature Kingdom.
  • Calms & supports while bringing the spirit of play and enjoyment.
  • Its mission is to support us as we move to 2012.

Trade name for Anhydrite – Chemistry: CaSO4, Calcium Sulfate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek anhydros, meaning “waterless”

Notable Occurrences include Mexico; Peru; Germany and New Mexico.

Crystallizes in the form of masses and rarely crystals

  • Known as the “Stone of Angels”
  • Known as the “Awareness Stone”
  • Is an excellent balancing agent
  • Provides a protective field around the area where it is placed
  • Use in an elixir to install a shield of protection around the body
  • An excellent stone for both astrological and mathematical understanding and comprehension
  • Links the networks of the ethereal to the physical
  • Represents peace to the world
  • Enhances creativity and psychic ability
  • Increases angelic protection for oneself and ones home
  • For those embarking on a spiritual journey, Angelite is a very valuable friend
  • Used to correct deficiencies of hemoglobin, treat inflammation of throat and thymus
  • Astrological sign of Aquarius

Chemistry: Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl), Calcium (Fluoro, Chloro, Hydroxyl) Phosphate

Crystallizes in the form of crystals or as compact masses

Notable Occurrences include Durango, Mexico; Bancroft, Ontario; Germany and Russia

  • The ‘Stone of the future’
  • Activates thymus gland
  • Immune system booster
  • Clears mental confusion and awakens the inner self
  • Stimulates the intellect
  • Enhances creativity
  • Related to Service and development of  humanitarian pursuits
  • Aids in practically applying ones insight and powers of manifestation
  • Helps to digest life’s challenges
  • Stimulates development of clairvoyance and intuitive awareness
  • Use to clear congestion from all charkas
  • Use to develop deeper states of meditation and reflection, yin-yang balance, raising kundalini, self-insight, inner clarity, peace and oneness
  • Has successfully produced hunger suppression
  • Astrological sign of Gemini

Chemistry: (K,Na)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH) – 8H2O, Hydrated Potassium Calcium Silicate Hydroxide Flouride

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek apophylliso – “it flakes off.”

A pseudo-cubic crystal that is primarily found in India

  • Creates a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm
  • Opens conscious connection to astral body twin, light body & oversoul
  • Facilitates attunement to ones body as well as to the higher dimensional life forms
  • Facilitates astral travel
  • One of the stones that helps one to remain totally conscious while exchanging energy with those of the spirit world
  • Great for stimulating the intuition and Heart Chakra
  • Aids decision-making
  • Provides a cooling energy for physical burns to the body
  • Aqua Apophyllite, which is uncommon, clears grief & helps release loss and emotional pain
  • Aqua Apophyllite increases self-forgiveness & forgiveness of others
  • It increases awareness that the body is only temporary & a small part of the life of the soul
  • Aqua Apophyllite allows the return of joy, the feeling that “it’s okay”
  • It stimulates the Thymus
  • Astrological signs of Libra & Gemin
Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura
Chemistry: Sio2+Au – Quartz fused with elemental Gold

Created by allowing molecules of pure gold to adhere to the natural electric charge, which surrounds quartz crystals

  • Brings light into the Throat Chakra
  • Heals the ability to feel & express emotions
  • Heals ability to speak out & the fear of doing so
  • Increases awareness of inner truth
  • Heals karmic structural damage to the Throat Chakra
  • Aids telepathy and empathy
  • Opens awareness of one’s spiritual life

Chemistry: Be3 Al2 Si6 O18, Variety of Beryl

Notable occurrences include Brazil, Pakistan, USA

A variety of Beryl which crystallizes prismatically and rarely terminated

  • Known as the ‘Stone of Courage’
  • Provides a shielding property for the aura and subtle energy bodies
  • Comforts in time of physical, emotional, & karmic release
  • Provides stability for those involved in spiritual development
  • Ocean Goddess energy
  • Aids communication & connection with spirit guides & angels
  • Has been used for improving vision, & assists in the maintenance of the teeth and bone structure
  • Astrological signs of Gemini, Pisces, Aries

Calcium Carbonate – Chemistry: CaCO3

NAME ORIGIN: Named after its Primary locality; Aragon (Spain)
Notable Occurrences include Aragon, Spain, Morocco, France, Sicily, England, Baja California, Mexico, Tsumeb, Namibia, Austria, Scotland, and Southwestern United States

Crystallizes in the form acicular shaped columnar crystals

  • Useful before a meditation to prep and ground your energy
  • Helpful during periods of stress and anger
  • Bestows discipline and responsibility, patience and acceptance, flexibility and tolerance, reliability, practicality
  • Stabilizes spiritual developments that are moving too fast, that leads to excessive demands or decreased interest
  • Regulates the metabolism of calcium, boosts immune system, helpful when applied locally to the skin
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn

Chemistry: FeS2, Iron Sulfide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, pyrites lithos, “stone which strikes fire,” in allusion to the sparking produced when iron is struck by a lump of pyrite

Notable Occurrences include Illinois and Missouri, Peru, Germany, Russia, Spain, South Africa

  • Crystallizes in the form of masses with striated cubes
  • Possesses a defending quality, shielding one from negative energies
  • Brings about optimal use of psychic energy
  • Encourages and sustains the ideal of a healthy intellect, & emotional well being
  • Aids prosperity & ability to manifest needs and abundance
  • Uplifts and grounds at once
  • Dispels unwanted interference from both the physical & spiritual worlds
  • Used in the treatment of bronchitis
  • To stimulate sexuality
  • Regulates the metabolism
  • Astrological sign of Leo

Aventurine is a mineral, which is spangled with bright particles of mica, hematite, or pyrite (the properties of said inclusions also apply)

  • Primarily to clear and activate the Heart Chakra
  • Provides balance of the female and male energies
  • Protection, grounding
  • Enhances creativity and amplifies leadership qualities
  • Opens the heart to others and increases trust in life
  • Brings about adventures in love and travel.
  • Treats disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands and muscular systems
  • Complete love, forgiveness, letting go, self love
  • Astrological sign of Aries
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline
Chemistry: NaFe3(Al,Fe)6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4, Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro-silicate Hydroxide

Notable occurances include Brazil, Colorado, Appalachian mountains, Germany, England

Crystallizes in the form of vertically striated crystals

  • One of the most powerful stones to repel negativity and protect the aura
  • One of the best stones to absorb EMF (computer) frequencies that cause harm
  • Actually acts as a protective shield, absorbing and transmuting negative energy, as well as negative thoughts from others, psychic attacks and spirit possessions
  • Heals fear & panic, bringing a sense of safety & security
  • Activates the ability to ground and remain centered while creating a feeling of welcome on the earth plane
  • Enhances the ability to stay in the body
  • Provides an increase in ones physical vitality, emotional stability, mental clarity and memory
  • Stimulates the reflex points associated with the lower back
  • Grounds in your true life purpose into your heart.
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn
Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite
Chemistry: CaCO3, Calcium Carbonate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Latin, calx, meaning lime

Notable occurances: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Africa

A mineral that forms in masses, grains but is usually cut and polished

  • An ‘energy amplifier’
  • Heals throat chakra blockages
  • Supports peaceful assertiveness
  • Helps the ability to speak one’s needs
  • Brings inner peace and quiet within
  • Soothes anger
  • Connects one to goddess energy
  • Contributes to beginning spiritual growth
  • Astrological sign of Cancer
Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony
Chemistry: CaCO3, Calcium Carbonate

Chalcedony is considered a member of the quartz family

Occurs as stalactites, botryoidal form, and in the lining of cavities of rocks

  • Balances the energy of the mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • Communication, speaking your truth
  • Encourages ‘brotherhood’ among all
  • Calming and soothing energy
  • Alleviates hostility, irritability, and melancholy with its nurturing energy
  • Contributes to knowing oneself
  • Goddess Energy
  • Promotes stability within ceremonial activities
  • Astrological sign of Taurus, Cancer & Leo
Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide

Blue Quartz is formed by the inclusion of tiny blue rutile, tourmaline, or zoisite

Crystallizes in the form of masses

  • Combines the quality of Quartz but further serves to activate the throat chakra
  • Opens and stimulates the third eye
  • Removes fear and brings stimulation to new relationships
  • Brings contact with spirit guides & Angels
  • Encourages communication on all levels
  • Stabilizes new found psychic energy
  • Comforting and calming resonance
  • Encourages consideration & thoughtfulness in relationships
  • Stimulates Goddess energy
  • Stabilizes metabolic process
  • Astrological sign of all

Chemistry: CaCO3, Calcium Carbonate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Latin, calx, meaning lime.

Notable occurances: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Africa

A mineral that forms in masses, grains but is usually cut and polished

  • An ‘energy amplifier’
  • Useful in multidirectional energy distribution
  • Energy which is directed inward towards the mineral separates and returns at double the intensity
  • Engenders a spectrum of energy that clears and activates all chakras
  • Cleanses and acts as a detoxing agent
  • Can be used to ameliorate improper function of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen
  • A balancing agent for assimilation of calcium within the body
  • Astrological sign of Cancer

Chemistry: Variety of Quartz

Carnelian is a member of the quartz family & usually forms in the uniform color of red, orange, or red-brown

  • Symbolizes the strength and beauty of our planet
  • Grounds attention into the present moment
  • Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision
  • Protects against envy, fear, rage, and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure
  • To cleanse negativity from other stones and provides a clearing action when directed in this way
  • Can assist in dramatic pursuits and theatrical presentations
  • For increased creativity
  • Increases physical energy, personal power, creativity & compassion
  • Used for infertility & impotency & cleanses the reproductive organs
  • Rebuilds the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Self-control, marital happiness & good fortune
  • Astrological sign of Taurus, Cancer & Leo

Chemistry: SrSO4, Strontium Sulfate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Latin coelestis, meaning “celestial.”

Notable occurrences: Madagascar, Northeastern USA, Sicily, Germany

Crystallizes as nodules and tabular crystals

  • Quite good for mental activities, allowing one to recall and to acknowledge spirituality and gifts from the divine
  • For balance, stabilizing the yin-yang values in your aura
  • Fosters connection & ability to work with goddesses, angels, dolphins, fairies & ascended beings
  • Promotes continence in clearing and perfecting the chakras
  • For astral travel and an excellent assistant for dream recall.  
  • Great crystal for communication & relationships
  • Celestite is an exquisite stone to give in the spirit of love and with the blessing of respect
  • To heal and cleanse areas of pain and chaos into light and love
  • To surrender & get in the flow
  • To treat disorders of the eyes, to increase range of hearing, & to balance mental dysfunctions
  • Astrological sign of Gemini

Hydrated Potassium Sodium Calcium Barium Strontium Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride
Chemistry: K(Na, Ca)11(Ba, Sr)Si18O46(OH, F)-nH2O

NAME ORIGIN: Named for the impression that it gives: “chary” in Russian means “charms” or “magic”

It is found to date in only one location: along the Chary River at Aldan in Russia.

Crystallizes in the form of masses and as tiny druse

  • Known as a ‘Stone for this Age’
  • Known as a ‘Stone of Transformation’
  • Provides for transmutation of negativity and grounding to the spiritual self
  • Bestows vigor, spontaneity, vigor, drive
  • Bestows quiet, refreshing sleep with intense, creative dreams
  • Used to cleanse the auric body
  • Awakens analytical abilities and precision, perceptive observation
  • Sustains ones attention span
  • Helps one to realize that one is, in fact, where one should be during this very moment
  • Helps one to cope with profound change
  • Its popularity would probably be much greater if not for its “synthetic” character. It simply looks unnaturally beautiful.
  • Helps relieve cramps, calms the nervous system, improves degradation of the liver due to excessive alcohol use
  • Astrological signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio

Chemistry: CuSiO3 – nH2O, Hydrated Copper Silicate

NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek chrysos – “gold” and kolla – “glue” in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold.

Notable Occurrences include Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Pennsylvania, Israel, Zaire and England

Occasionally, chrysocolla can have a turquoise color and be used as a fraudulent substitute for the more precious stone turquoise

Crystallizes in the form of masses and layers

  • Known as the “peace stone”
  • Promotes harmony and expansion
  • Helps develop the virtues of patience, kindness, tolerance, compassion & humility
  • For emotional balancing & healing, especially sadness or guilt
  • Represents goddess energies
  • Heals all feminine disorders
  • Further increases ones capacity to love
  • Supports letting go, forgiveness, surrender, and worry
  • Purifies the home and the environment
  • Enhances physical vitality
  • Used as a “seeing” stone for past and future
  • Used to treat fever, lungs, throat, heart disorders and to balance blood sugar & regulate insulin
  • Astrological sign of Gemini, Virgo, & Taurus

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Microcrystalline Quartz – Apple Green Chalcedony

Crystallizes in the form of stalactites, botryoidal form, and in the lining of cavities and rocks

  • Balances yin-yang energy
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra
  • Brings to the user a state of grace, compassion, non judgement
  • Reduces inferiority and superiority complex
  • Heals a broken heart
  • Heals past traumas and grieves
  • Sooths loneliness and encouraged trust
  • Stone for inner peace and inner strength
  • Stone of fidelity for business and personal affairs
  • Used to treat reproductive organs and to increase fertility; when consciously directed
  • Astrological sign of Libra

Chemistry: HgS, Mercury Sulfide

NAME ORIGIN: Of uncertain original meaning, from the Latin, cinnabaris.

Notable occurrences include Spain, India, Serbia, China and Southwestern USA

Crystallizes in the form of compact granular masses with needle like crystals

Derived from the Eastern Indian word for ‘Dragons Blood’

  • Stimulates the life force & will to live
  • Increases one’s drive to succeed and to reproduce
  • Stimulates dignity, vitality & power
  • Like Citrine, also a ‘Merchants Stone’
  • Increases alertness by helping one to focus on the earthplane rather than spiritual awareness
  • Helps to eliminate aggression
  • Excellent for extracting energy blockages
  • Used to treat disorders of the blood, provide flexibility in one’s movement, [yoga] & in the treatment of weight disorders [heulandite also]
  • Astrological sign of Leo

Chemistry: SiO2 , Silicon dioxide, Variety of Quartz

Notable Occurrences include Arkansas, Brazil

A variety of quartz

  • Abundance on all levels
  • Assists in manifesting physical wealth and abundance on all levels
  • For confidence, inner security and personal power
  • One of only two minerals on earth that do not hold and accumulate energy but dissipate and transmute it (Amethyst is the other)
  • Never needs clearing or cleansing
  • Activates creativity
  • Stimulates mental focus, clarity & endurance
  • Great stone for success in business
  • Assists in interpersonal relationships or family matters
  • Helps one to ‘laugh’ & to have joy in life
  • Helps to diminish ‘muddy’ areas in your aura while stabilizing anger
  • Assists in stimulating spiritual power
  • Aids in digestion, promotes circulation & balances the thyroid gland
  • Astrological sign of Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo
Cobaltian Calcite

Cobaltian Calcite
Chemistry: CoCO3, Cobalt Carbonate, (Sphaerocobaltite)

Crystallizes in the form of crusts, spherical masses, rarely crystals

Notable Occurrences include Shaba, Zaire, Saxony Germany and from other secondary cobalt ore locations

  • One of the most loving members of the mineralogical kingdom
  • Activates, stimulates, and clears heart chakra
  • Helps with the formation of friendships
  • Encourages positivity, dispels negativity
  • Acts as an energy vortex center, enhancing psychic abilities
  • Assists one in understanding the cause, effect, and karmic lessons one has/is experiencing
  • Placement of this mineral on a piece of written material which is difficult to understand can increase perception of the knowledge wherein
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Generates ideas and solutions
  • Assists one in reaching Theta state
  • Balances yin yang energies
  • Used in the treatment of age related disorders
  • Astrological sign of Libra

The vacated housing of marine animal life

  • Represents continuity, activity & structure
  • Harmonizes one with natural universal forces
  • Balances physical & spiritual realities
  • Supports pregnancy & eases giving birth
  • Alleviates postpartum depression
  • Aids in the new mothers adjustment and bonding to her baby
  • Protects one from depression and despondency
  • Eases baby’s colic and crying
  • Heals adults who were adopted
  • Ideal for inner child healing
  • Astrological sign of Cancer & Libra

*Red Coral specifically activates root chakra assisting in manifesting goals & grounding (helps kidney, bladder & parathyroid)


Chemistry: CaB 2 Si 2 O 8, Calcium boron silicate

NAME ORIGIN: Named after its location

Notable occurrences include Danbury, Connecticut and Russell, New York, Mexico, Japan, Burma & Switzerland

Crystallizes in the form of prismatic crystals

  • Intensifies, purifies and magnifies all other healing energies
  • Encourages one to “let your light shine” & helps people to get along with others
  • Activates the heart chakra bringing self-love to the user
  • Increases connection with Angels, Guides, Oversoul, Healers
  • Enhances creativity & mental awareness
  • Used in treatment of gall bladder & liver, & assists in the removal of toxins from the body
  • Astrological sign of Leo
Elestial Quartz

Also called the new millennium crystals, Elestial quartz connects the heart and the mind to bring emotional burdens to the surface helping one to overcome these. It acts as a guide to help one find all spiritual things that one is looking for.  

Internal rainbows accompany Elestial quartz and bring a feeling of joy, helping one to deal with negativity and seeing the love in all.

The double termination of these crystals means that it will receive and/or send energy through both ends simultaneously. This ability makes this a wonderful crystal for eliminating disease in the body and mind.

It is advised that you place an Elestial near any electrical appliance in your home and if you live near power lines, a larger Elestial placed in the center of your home is recommended.


Chemistry: Be3 Al2 Si6 O18, Berylium Aluminum Silicate

Notable occurance in Colombia

  • The green variety of Beryl
  • Known as the Stone of LOVE & PROSPERITY
  • Creates ABUNDANCE
  • Detoxifies negativity and transforms it into positive emotional energy
  • Security, harmony & closeness to the Goddess within
  • Aids in emotional & life transitions and changes
  • To open, activate & stimulate the Heart Chakra
  • Increases understanding of one’s life purpose in relation to the Universal Plan
  • Astrology sign of Gemini & Taurus

Chemistry: Co3(AsO4)2-8(H2O) , Hydrated Cobalt Arsenate


Crystallizes in the form of bladed aggregates, vertically striated prismatic crystals

Notable Occurrences include Cobalt, Ontario, Morocco and Germany

  • The stone to ‘See in many directions’
  • Provides a strong and flowing connection between all the charkas
  • Allows personal power to blossom
  • Imports your own personal alchemical wisdom
  • Stimulates artistic integrity
  • Used to treat skin disorder, inflammation, bone marrow, red blood cells, infection
  • Astrological sign of Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Chemistry: CaF2, Calcium Fluoride

NAME ORIGIN: Named after its composition containing fluorine (Latin, fluere = “to flow”)

Notable occurrences include England, Spain, China, Brazil, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and many USA localities

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, columns, cubes

The color range is endless and appears to never be the same

  • Emits an energy to produce order & balance the mental, physical, emotional, creative, & spiritual systems
  • Increases the ability to concentrate while sustaining good health, strong intellect & emotional well being
  • Known as the “genius stone” for the highest state of mental achievement
  • Good for the immune system & used in association with colds, flu, staph, strep, cankers, ulcers and similar infections
  • Used to reprogram the Heart Chakra
  • Teaches us to be at one and in a state of peace while remaining individually unique
  • Symbolizes the growth process
  • Purple Fluorite adds spiritual energies to these properties
  • Raspberry Fluorite helps one to initiate the state of self-fulfillment, bringing to fruition the self-actualizing characteristics and properties of manifestation
  • Reprograms the mind at the astral/emotional level, heals the astral body, helps to bring the astral self/astral twin into the body
  • Aids emotional integration, soothes fear and despair, encourages forgiveness of self and others
  • Accesses the Goddess within; engenders trust in life, self-love, self-empowerment, emotional wholeness
  • Heals heart dis-eases, headaches, migraines
  • Astrological sign of Pisces and Capricorn
Gaia Stone

Gaia is volcanic silica that is only found around Mt St. Helens with a frequency of healing the heart. This beautiful earth stone was created from ash from the Mt. St. Helens Volcano eruption.

The Gaia Stone carries the energy of the earth. It opens the heart chakra and helps one to link emotionally to the earth. It enhances compassion and empathy and is said to help healers develop their abilities.   

Radha says “they carry the heart chakra energy of the anima terra, the soul of the Earth… these gems are recommended for those doing self-healing of emotional wounds, and for those who wish to center in the heart and act from that place at all times. …. Healers can use the Gaia Stones on clients for Heart Chakra activation and to bring harmony to all chakras.”


Chemistry: PbS, Lead Sulfide

NAME ORIGIN: The Roman naturalist, Pliny, used the name galena to describe lead ore

Notable Occurrences include Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Zambia, and England

Crystallizes in the form of cubes, masses, & fibers

  • Used to provide grounding
  • Enhances the centering of ones’ energies
  • A ‘Stone of Harmony’ stimulating interaction on all levels
  • Decreases self-limiting ideas & patterns
  • Used to reduce inflammation of the skin, to stimulate circulation and hair growth
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn

Chemistry: Ca3Al2(SiO4)3, Calcium Aluminum Silicate

Notable Occurrences are Asbestos, Canada,  Mexico, Kenya, Italy and Sri Lanka

Crystallizes in the form of masses, granules, & plate-like layers

  • Garnet is a stone of health, extracting negative energies from the chakras
  • Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the kundalini
  • Opens the Root Chakra and draws earth energy into the body, grounding
  • Aids in changes or disruptions with family and home
  • Assists in manifesting  
  • Stimulates the life force, boosts sexuality and fertility
  • Repels disharmonious energies from your aura
  • For treating disorders of the spine, bone, cellular structure, heart, lungs and blood
  • Astrological signs of Leo, Virgo, Capricorn & Aquarius

The general formula, for the common feldspars is XAl(1-2) Si(3-2) O8

  • Assists one in detaching from the old
  • Supports issues of self-awareness and self-love
  • Provides a connection with inter-galactic intelligence
  • Assists one in locating that which has been misplaced
  • Helps one to understand previously unidentified messages from both within and without of the self
  • Astrological sign of Aquarius

Chemistry: Au, Elemental gold

NAME ORIGIN: Anglo Saxon, of uncertain origin

Notable occurrences include California and South Dakota, Siberia, Russia, South Africa, Canada

  • Gold has been called “The Master Healer”
  • Excellent mineral for purification of the physical body
  • Gold emits an energy allowing one’s beauty to come forth
  • The energy of Gold balances the energy fields and eliminates conflicts of ego and feelings of futility
  • Gold combats feelings of depression & inferiority
  • Gold attracts honors, wealth, & happiness while stabilizing the emotional system
  • Gold alleviates tension and stress
  • Gold has been used to treat disorders like arthritis, skin cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, tuberculosis, & spinal problems
  • Astrological sign of Leo

Chemistry: NaCl, Sodium Chloride

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek halos, meaning “salt” and lithos meaning “rock.”

Notable occurrences include Searles Lake, California, New Mexico & Utah, Germany, and France

Crystallizes in the form of masses, columnar structures and cubic crystals

Known as “Rock Salt”

Cleanse with sunlight NOT water

  • Enhances good will, balances mood swings, diminishes negativity
  • Stimulates acupressure/acupuncture meridians
  • Aids in changing negative thought patterns & bad habits
  • Clears blocks from psychic abilities
  • Removes negativity from one’s spiritual outlook & development
  • Disinfects the aura and chakras
  • Protects those who use alcohol from bringing home bar attachments
  • Used to treat colon & lower intestinal disorders, not to be placed on the abdomen during pregnancy however.
  • Stimulates psychic power, mysticism & intuition
  • Encourage adaptability
  • Assimilation of iodine & treatment of thymus, thyroid, thalamus gland
  • Astrological sign of Cancer & Pisces

Chemistry: Fe2O3, Iron Oxide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, haimatites, “bloodlike'” in allusion to vivid red color of the powder

Notable occurrences include England, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and the Lake Superior region

Forms in masses, granular shapes,  & botryoidal (uncommon) shapes

  • A ‘Stone for the Mind’ that can be used for mental attainment, memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge
  • Harmonizes the yin-yang energies, and balances body, mind, and spirit
  • Revitalizes, grounds and stabilizes ones energies
  • Heals karmic anger and rages while fostering peace and non-aggression
  • Used to stop bleeding and hemorrhaging, to help menstrual flow, and if placed on the forehead to draw out the heat from fever
  • Used to treat blood disorders, insomnia
  • Aligns the spine
  • Astrological signs of Aries & Aquarius

Chemistry: Zn4 Si2 O7 (OH)2 -H2O, Hydrated Zinc Silicate Hydroxide

NAME ORIGIN: Named after the hemimorphic nature of the crystals

Notable occurrences: Mexico, New Mexico and New Jersey, England and Zambia.

Crystallizes as masses, stalactites, boytroidal configurations

  • Used to decrease self-centeredness
  • A ‘Stone for Confidence”
  • A ‘Stone for self-transformation, evolution’
  • Facilitates the power of self
  • Increases ones self esteem and honest virtues
  • Soothes hostile feelings, anger, resentment
  • Helps one to fully know thyself and reach the highest potential
  • Encourages development of inner strengths
  • An excellent stone for healers; helps to understand the power and benefit of ancient healing techniques
  • Used to ward off poisoning, malice, sooth ulcer
  • Provides support for dieting
  • Astrological sign of Libra

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Variety of Quartz

Crystallizes in the form of double terminated short, stout clear or included prismatic crystals

  • Helps one to “Be”
  • Fosters core soul healing
  • Evokes pure love and pure information/light
  • Stimulates gentle transformation
  • Used to attune oneself with another person, environment or activity
  • Brings harmony within, with others and with One’s world
  • Supports living in the present peacefully
  • Connects other dimensions and stars to one’s life purpose
  • Can accept and retain information, which can be retrieved at a later time
  • Creates mental clarity, expands awareness and positivity, while comforting
  • Engenders the feeling of having everything one needs
  • Connectors, to synchronize group energies
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius

Chemistry: (Ca, Na)2 – 3Al3(Al, Si)2Si13O36 – 12H2O, Hydrated Calcium Sodium Aluminum Silicate

NAME ORIGIN: Named after the English mineral collector, John Henry Heuland (1778-1856), a British mineral collector and dealer

Notable occurrences include India, Iceland, USA, Canada, Iran, Italy, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland

Crystallizes in the form of granular masses on other minerals (apophyllite & stilbite)

  • May be used to ‘take one back’ to ancient civilizations of Atlantis & Lemuria where the transfer of ancient information is facilitated.
  • Assists in discovery of both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, and helps one release the bonds of custom, conceit, and jealousy
  • Holds the energy of centered-ness relative to the loving aspects of the perfect state
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Enables one to recover gracefully after a loss
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius

Chemistry: Mg2Al4Si5O18, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate – Gemstone variety of Cordierite

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, short prismatic crystals

Called the “Violet Stone”

  • One of the major stones for use in attuning Third Eye and Crown Chakras
  • Helps one in the transition toward spirituality
  • Guides one through spiritual beginnings
  • Helps release discord from ones life
  • Useful in the elimination of debts
  • Enables one to understand acceptance of responsibility to the self
  • Promotes excellence in ones endeavors & the management of money
  • Enhances curiosity, achievement and growth
  • Physical body detoxifier
  • Used to improve liver disorders, treat malaria & fever producing disorders
  • Astrological signs of Libra, Sagittarius & Taurus

Gem variety of both Jadeite and Nephrite

NAME ORIGIN: From the Spanish, piedra de ijada, “stone of the side,” because its supposed to cure kidney ailments if applied to the side of the body

Notable Occurrences include Burma, Yunan China, Japan

The toughness of jade is remarkable. It has a strength greater than steel

The emerald green jade called “Imperial Jade” is colored by chromium

  • Known as a ‘dream stone’ and ‘stone of fidelity’
  • Assists in dream solving and remembering
  • Encourages service to others and the planet
  • Facilitates peace from within the physical, emotional, and intellectual structure
  • Sooths the emotions and heals heart chakra
  • Used to heal heart, kidneys, spleen
  • Use as an elixer to smooth skin and stimulate healthy hair
  • Astrological sign of Aries, Gemini, Libra, & Taurus

Opaque, forms in massive formations

  • Known as ‘the supreme nurturer’  
  • Provides protection, protects against negativity
  • Helps one to be grounded  
  • Heals women’s anger towards men & calms men’s sexual aggressiveness towards women
  • Balances the yin-yang energies, stabilizes the aura
  • Helpful in times of extended hospital time and when energy is low
  • When fasting, jasper can help to keep energy high
  • Promotes sexual compatibility between lovers, inspires tantric sex
  • Balances sexuality & promotes sexual compatibility
  • Balances menstrual cycles
  • Treatment of internal organs, loss of sense of content in the blood
  • Astrological sign of Leo

Chemistry: LiAlSi2 O6, Lithium Aluminum Silicate

VARIETY OF:  Spodumene

NAME ORIGIN: Kunzite is named after the American gem expert, G. F. Kunz (1856-1932).

Notable Occurrences include California, North Carolina and South Dakota, Afganistan, Pakistan,  Brazil & Madagascar

Crystallizes in the form of flattened prismatic crystals which are vertically striated, & massive formations

  • Generates a feeling of powerful peace in one’s inner self
  • Helps one to produce loving thoughts & communications
  • Removes obstacles from one’s path
  • Initiates acknowledgement & expression of self-love, unconditional love & romantic love
  • Dissolves negativity while raising vibration
  • Produces a shield from unwanted energies
  • Stimulates intuition & creativity during the meditative state
  • A ‘Trip” with Kunzite can be quite stimulating
  • Promotes maturity of thought and action while maintaining openness of inner child
  • Used to eliminate energy blockages
  • Used to strengthen and reinforce the physical heart
  • Astrological sign of Scorpio, Taurus, & Leo

Chemistry: Al2 SiO5, Aluminum Silicate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek kyanos = “blue.”

Notable occurrences include Brazil, North Carolina, Georgia, Switzerland, Russia, Serbia, India and Kenya.

Crystallizes in the form of twisted fibrous structures

  • Never needs cleaning or cleansing because it will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations
  • Is UNLIMITED in application making it one of the very best attunement stones
  • Aligns all chakras automatically & immediately with no conscious direction
  • Aids communication physically and psychically
  • Brings tranquility & a calming effect to the whole being
  • Heals blockages & burnout from all auric bodies
  • Facilitates meditation
  • Aids in manifesting in one’s life work on the earthplane
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Used to treat muscular disorders
  • Beneficial to place between heart and solar plexus chakras during healings
  • Astrological signs of Taurus, Libra & Aries

Chemistry: Ca(50-70%) Na(50-30%) (Al, Si)AlSi2 O8, Calcium sodium aluminum silicate

NAME ORIGIN: Named after its locality Labrador peninsula, Canada

Notable Occurrences include Labrador, Canada and Scandinavian Peninsula

A mineral that contains a display of spectral colors and rainbow prisms

  • The “Shaman’s” stone.
  • Protects and clears the aura of negative energy, psychic attacks, negative alien interference, implants, attachments & spirit possessions
  • Facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought
  • Symbolizes the moon and the sun energies, providing an added sense of self during transition, fostering a consciousness of life purpose
  • Aids the ability to see & communicate with positive other world beings
  • Opens the ability for accurate pendulum use & increases psychic vision
  • Used to treat brain disorders, stimulate mental activity
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Astrological signs of Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius
Lapis Lazuli

Chemistry: Ca(50-70%) Na(50-30%) (Al, Si)AlSi2 O8, Calcium sodium aluminum silicate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Persian lazward – “blue.”

Lapis is a combination of lazurite, calcite, and sometimes pyrite

  • Was used as the tablets of the Ten Commandments brought down from Sinai by Moses
  • Stone of total awareness & the symbol of power & royalty
  • Develops and activates intuition
  • Draws the mind inward to seek its own source of power
  • Prevents negative thoughts from becoming karmic patterns
  • Stimulates clarity, emotional and mental purity, and assists in organizing day to day life
  • To overcome depression
  • Brings about success in relationships
  • Protection from physical danger
  • Relief of insomnia, and restructuring physical disorders
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius

Chemistry: NaCa2Si3O8(OH), Sodium Calcium Silicate Hydroxide

VARIETY OF:  Pectolite

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek pektos – “compacted” and lithos – “stone.”

Larimar, also known as Pectolite, is mined only in the Dominican Republic & the Bahamas once a year when the volcano is inactive

  • Heals negative karma between soulmates and lovers
  • Fosters honest communication while stabilizing new relationships
  • Helps soulmates to find & recognize each other
  • Calming stone that opens creativity and the Throat Chakra
  • Represents peace & clarity
  • To harmonize the heart & mind
  • Increases sales in business
  • Neutralizes and dissolves old conflicting patterns
  • Cools down fiery energy & calms burning emotions such as anger, frustration, lust & greed
  • Increases personal strength and the ability to say “no”
  • Associated with Goddess energy
  • To assist in deep meditation & connecting with the angels
  • Stimulates creativity, activates imagination & inspires the spirit
  • Acts as a catalyst in the quest for greater truth & the meaning/purpose in life
  • Opens the acupressure and acupuncture meridians in the feet
  • Astrological sign of Leo
Lemurian Seed Quartz

Chemistry: SiO2,, Silicon dioxide

NAME ORIGIN: Lemuria is the name of an ancient civilization believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean

It is said to have pre-dated Atlantis

Notable occurrences include Diamantina region of Brazil, famous for its long, tapered laser wands

  • Programmed with the Lemurian consciousness vibrations
  • The crystals can infuse one with the pure emotional/intuitive/spiritual awareness of the Lemurians
  • Heals the emotional body
  • One may feel a return to the soul, a feeling of increased sensuality, and a feminine energy
  • Enhances one’s abilities in channeling and telepathy
  • Enhances meditations and healing work
  • Excellent stone for removing energy blockages
  • Opens the heart and allows for the expression of divine love and compassion

Chemistry: KLi2Al(Al, Si)3O10(F, OH)2,  Potassium lithium aluminum silicate hydroxide fluoride

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek lepidion – “scale” and lithos – “stone

Notable Occurrences include Brazil, Ural Mountains, Russia, several African localities and California

Crystallizes in the form of masses, short prismatic crystals, plate-like layers, tabular crystals

  • “Stone of Transition”
  • A Lithium mineral, is comprised of approximately 98% Lithium
  • Used for stress reduction and is very calming
  • Assists in restructuring and reorganizing old patterns
  • Enhances life sustaining negative ions in one’s environment
  • Excellent stone for business pursuits
  • Helps one to become open and honest
  • Assists in gardening and agricultural activities aligning the energy forces that produce abundance
  • Used to relieve stress and tension, calming, cramps
  • Astrological signs of Libra
Libyan Deser Glass

Libyan Deser GlassLibyan Desert Glass… Powerful Highly Protective Mystical Energy

Aiding Healing and Manifestation

Libyan Desert Glass is also called Libyan Gold Tektite. These unusual stones embody within them the vibration of the Golden ray… a powerful spiritual energy.

The metaphysical properties of these crystals are very impressive… and they are recognized as powerful manifestation tools.

They are a golden yellow color… and vibrate strongly within the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of the will in the body.

This area works as a psychic shield… and these stones help the process by creating a strong resonance in this area.

They are highly protective and are a beneficial stone to strengthen your will. They guard you against any negative psychic energy being deposited in the solar plexus or in any other area of the body. This is a helpful stone for those who feel that they do not belong on this earth… and who feel they may originate from elsewhere in the universe.


Where Does It Come From

The main area where most of this glass is found, is a most inhospitable region… located near the Egyptian-Libyan border. These stones are located in only one particular area… in a specific region of the Great Erg or sand sea. It is said that there is an enormous amount of this yellow glass in that area, found between a series of dunes in the desert.

This glass has been dated by trustworthy scientists… and is said to be over 28 million years old.

This is a very pure, silica rich glass… and many stones contain sand-dune particles within then… with some pieces reported to also contain iridium.

One of the many fabulous items in the jewelry collection from the tomb of Tutankhamen is a breast ornament .  A highly decorative piece in the form of a winged scarab, dating to around 1330 BCE, it is currently on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Adorned with silver, semi-precious stones and glass paste, all set into gold, the eye-catching centerpiece is a semi-translucent Libyan Desert Glass  scarab. Remarkable for its beauty, the pectoral has the added interest of scientific and archaeological mysteries that have yet to be completely unraveled.


Libyan Deser GlassAlthough it has been known about by the people of the Sahara Desert for thousands of years, western scientists only discovered Libyan Desert Glass in the 1930’s.

Some scientists say that it may have been the result of a meteor… and there has been some debate whether it came from outside the earth or was created by the heat of a meteoric event in the area.

In some circles it is known as Libyan Gold Tektite… but we really do not know for sure that it is a tektite. Regardless of whether we know how it came to be created it is definitely a stone of ancient origin.

Libyan Desert Glass is energetically one of the most powerful stones… and this may be because they embody the energy of the event that created them. Although scientists have not found evidence that the stone is not of this earth… it would have been created by an enormous amount of heat. This heat may have been generated by the crash of a meteor in that area 28 million years ago.

Because these stones have a very high vibration, and are said to enable you to make contact with extra-terrestrials… it is said that this contact is related to their (possible) extra-terrestrial origin.


What Is Libyan Gold Tektite

This is a time of amazing spiritual changes and extraordinary energetic activations of our light bodies. The world is going through a time of transformation… and there is a need for all of us to bring our vibrations up.

These highly unusual stones embody the golden light within them… which is an impressive and highly spiritual vibration… that will aid you to reconnect to ancient knowledge. The high vibration crystal energy that these stones embody is highly effective to aid your ongoing spiritual journey. Light-workers using Libyan Desert Glass have found that these high vibration stones are a strong aid for ascension.

Like most golden yellow stones… these stones resonate within the solar plexus chakra. They are powerful stones to aid the will-power…and they have strong energy to aid manifestation. The vibration of these stones encourages the growth of your personal abundance and prosperity… assisting you to manifest money… if it is for your highest good.

These golden yellow crystals are strong stones to use in meditation, and will aid past life explorations. They are said to be able to enable you to make contact with beings from other dimensions… including extra-terrestrial beings.

Libyan Desert Glass embodies a mystical energy that is a potent aid in ritual ceremonies… and they are known to help you to make contact with the higher vibrational realms.


How To Use It

There are some very powerful ways to use these stones. One of the best ways to use them is in meditation… when they may aid you to access the Akashic records. Pieces of this yellow glass have a potent energy that may be used to aid you if you are performing any type of ritual ceremonies… especially relating to past life issues.

Libyan Desert Glass has an amazing vibration that may free you from deep karmic issues. This may be most relevant if you believe that you may have had a past life in the area of Egypt, Libya or any countries in that region.

The ancient people of that area, had many very strong beliefs associated with their religions and their beliefs about the after-life.  At various times in the past, many people had powerful magical enchantments or spells placed on them… by very powerful shamans. Libyan Desert Glass may enable you to break the binds of this past life sorcery.


Wearing Libyan Gold Tektite

These stones are now becoming available as jewelry… but they are not common. Like Moldavite… they will have a potent effect on you if you wear them for long periods of time. By wearing the stone you will immerse yourself in this amazing energy and it may allow you to make gigantic leaps of consciousness.

These stones were part of one of the funeral necklaces of King Tutankhamen, and they believed it had magical or mystical energy. It is said that a piece of Libyan Gold Tektite was carved into an amazing piece of jewelry carved into a scarab… as they believed that the energy of the stone would give King Tut greater powers to use in the afterlife.


Why Would You Use It … How Will It Help You

Within the solar plexus chakra… this stone has a potent, positive resonance… that makes them a very useful psychic protection stone. This vibration prevents negative psychic energy accumulating in this area…. and stops energy thieves from stealing your energy, as it creates a strong barrier to prevent these types of negative events.

Although it has a strong resonance within the solar plexus chakra… this stones energy is potent within all of the chakras.

By taking excess spiritual energy down to the earth chakra for grounding… Libyan Desert Glass aids spiritual grounding.

The golden light this stone emits energizes and enlivens all of the chakras below the heart… and creates a stronger flow of life force energy throughout the body.

It is a strong stone within the sacral chakra for enhancing creativity and may stimulate those with the gift of clairsentience to have stronger gifts. It has a strong resonance within both the heart and thymus chakra… imbuing you with a sense of happiness, joy and love of life.

Within all of the higher chakras this energy is deeply spiritual. It will open up your spiritual vision to allow you to experience deeper spiritual awareness. It may aid learning by stimulating your mental abilities.

If you are a healer… wearing this stone may be beneficial. You may use its energy to ensure that you do not absorb any of your clients negativity… associated with their illness. Libyan Desert Glass has powerful healing aspects that make it an excellent stone for crystal healers to use to aid their clients.

It may heal a range of stomach issues… including irritable bowel syndrome where its healing energy is especially effective.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide

Quartz crystal containing traces of the element Lithium, Li

Lithium occurs naturally in every human cell

  • Lithium greatly contributes to the balance and well being of the physical and subtle bodies
  • Extremely calming
  • Accelerates removal of emotional trauma stored in the body structure
  • Vitalizes immune system
  • Resonates with every note of the musical scale, giving it vast applications and attunements
  • Beneficial for manic depression, mental disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction
  • Astrological sign of all

Chemistry: Fe3O4 , Iron Oxide

Crystallizes in the form of masses and octahedral and rhombdodecahedral crystals which are less magnetic naturally

Notable Occurrences include South Africa, Germany, Russia and many localities in the USA

  • Magnetite is a natural magnet, attracting whatever you desire
  • Also known as “Lodestone”
  • Known as the “Stone of Stability”
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Used to attract LOVE and MONEY
  • Extremely instrumental in activities of manifestation
  • Dispels grief, fear, anger and attachment
  • Assists in balancing the emotions with the intellect
  • Encourages trusting intuition in regards to which other crystals and minerals will be beneficial
  • Opens channels that bring about spiritual growth
  • A powerful stone for getting into and maintaining a deep meditative state
  • Helps one attract the healing energies necessary for recovery from disorders
  • Grounds the user into the nurturing energy of the earth
  • The environment of a healer during healing sessions is strengthened and stabilized when using magnetite
  • Attracts tenacity, endurance, durability
  • Used to treat bone structure, skin, hair, nose bleed
  • Astrological sign of Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius & Virgo

Chemistry: Cu2(CO3)(OH)2, Copper Carbonate Hydroxide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, malache, – “mallow” in reference to green leaf color

Notable Occurrences include Africa, Russia, Mexico, Australia, England and several localities in the Southwestern United States especially in Arizona

Malachite forms mostly in masses, ranging in color from light to dark green

  • Stone of transformation, assisting in clearing and activating all chakras
  • An excellent stone for balancing the emotional body
  • Clears and releases trauma by drawing out negative energy simultaneously bringing to the surface the psychic-emotional roots of it
  • Physical and emotional detoxifier
  • Brings things out from within that may be impeding spiritual growth
  • Used to protect against radiation, poisoning
  • Aids childbirth labor
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn & Scorpio
Manifestation Quartz

The Manifestation Quartz Crystal is recognized by a small crystal totally enclosed within a larger crystal. These crystals are quite rare.

The use of the manifestation crystal requires the inner knowledge that one is a clear and perfect channel, that a pure white light provides the guiding way, and that the purity of the Divine is within the inner self. 

If there is something which one wishes to manifest, the relevant questions are: “Do I really want this?” – “Are there reasons that I may not want this?”  If parts of a person do not want something, the crystal will not facilitate manifestation because it is receiving mixed messages.  One must clear any feelings of ambivalence and inner turmoil prior to using this crystal.

  • Meditate with the crystal [i.e., clear the mind, initiate circular breathing, and relax]
  • Concentrate on the base chakra, the third eye, the navel/sacral chakra, or the area located two inches below the navel.
  • Visualize that which is desired and bring it consciously into a clear mental picture, and
  • Feel the emotions associated with the actualization to reality of the visualization.
  • These crystals can also be used to facilitate creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, and to increase or decrease [dependent upon the direction of the energy] an aspect of one’s life.
Metamorphisis Quartz

“Metamorphosis” Quartz exhibits a back-lit opalescence which brings a “halo” to the mineral and has been used to automatically increase the range, the clarity, and the strength of ones aura. It has also assisted one in seeing the aura of others. It has performed as a spectrograph on the auric plane, bringing the entire spectrum into view.

This mineral is known as “THE stone of transformation”, supporting the amplification of energy required for same. It assists one in replacing negative attitudes with positive direction and has been used as a mainstay and a foundation for one during changes.

The mineral serves to prepare one for transformation, permitting the recognition of the obscure layers of “self-justification” which support the continuity of state of distress and dis-ease. It further assists one in releasing this justification; hence, reducing or eliminating the effects.

It helps one to understand that any and all power is personal power and that in order to actualize ones full potential, personal action is required. It is truly a mineral to assist one in initiating and in persisting in changes, further supporting one during the process.

It has been used to direct one through the changes required to attain orderly situations while smoothing the state of change and dispensing a supplemental physical stamina and mental awareness to the user.

“Metamorphosis” Quartz has been used to assist one in intimacy. When one is preoccupied with outdated morality, it brings the energy to follow ones feelings (even if they change from day to day, hour to hour). It does not initiate immorality, but helps one to feel a commonality with being a part of life. It helps one to recognize that “if it feels good”, and it hurts no one (including the self), then one can do whatever it is and can enhance the self by “doing” and by “being”.

The mineral is one for healing the self, on all levels.
(channeled by Melody)


Originates in outer space from the heads of comets, asteroids, mars, the moon

Rarer than diamond

  • Represents the energy of other worlds
  • Brings a message from the stars that we on Earth are neither alone nor abandoned by the Universe, promises that the quarantine of the planet will end and a time of peace and hope is coming  
  • Used for balancing and aligning the bodies
  • Protects energy and aura
  • Grounds, aids in connecting to Earth reality
  • Brings safety and security
  • Evokes positive help from non-Earth sources, aids connection to Pleiadian healers and planetary protectors
  • Makes one a channel for extraterrestrial help for the planet
  • Enhances communication
  • Assists in the actualization of our presence
  • Emits a trusting energy
  • Stone for walk-ins
  • Protects against negative alien interference
  • Attracts guidance from higher dimensions
  • Astrological sign of All

A variety of Tektite: Meteoric Silica Glass

Moldavite is found mostly in the Moldau River Valley in the Czech Republic and also nearby in Germany (the Rier Crater is the result of the meteor crash that gave origin to Moldavite) and Austria.

Tektite is a form of meteoric glass from outer space

  • Quickens ones spiritual evolution
  • Carrying a tektite strengthens one’s energy field and manifests positive life change
  • Moldavite’s high vibrational energy is a powerful chakra opener, particularly at the heart and above
  • Connects to positive Pleiadian helpers & healers for protection, healing & self healing
  • Sleeping with moldavite activates the dream states
  • Accelerates ones’ individual progress by taming the gravitational pull of mass consciousness
  • Used for direct inter-dimensional accessing of higher dimensional galactic energies
  • Offers good protection for Earth healers and psychics
  • Removes negative past life alien implants; protects from negative alien interference; removes spirit attachments, entities & spirit possessions
  • Gives freedom to move among the dimensions & planets while remaining safe on Earth
  • Acts as a psychic opener and enhancer
  • Fosters other-planetary contact through dreams & meditation, protects astral travel
  • Do NOT cleanse with salt
  • Astrological sign of All – Scorpio predominant
Mookaite Jasper

Sometimes spelled Mookite, or just called Mook Jasper

A colorful Jasper from Western Australia. It is a warm flood of reds, yellows and browns. It is formed as a sediment in erosion zones and as a filler in cracks.

In Australia, Mookaite is considered to be a healing stone that bestows strength. It is said to shield the wearer from difficult situations and to connect us to loved ones who have passed away.

Mookaite is named for where is was first found — in outcrops, principally on Mooka Station (a sheep farm of around 700,000 acres), on the west side of the Kennedy Range in Western Australia.

According to locals, the Aboriginal word “mooka” means “running waters”, no doubt in reference to the many fresh water springs that feed Mooka Creek.

Mookaite is said to help counter the effects of aging! This gemstone is believed to bring us into the “here and now,” aiding with problem assessment and decision making.

  • Change & Transformation
  • Anti-aging & Longevity    
  • Family Harmony
  • Present Moment

Formed within minerals of the feldspar group

The energy of moonstone is capable of helping with the changing structures of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels

  • Increases the intuitional abilities within
  • For hoping and wishing
  • Cleanses negativity from the chakras
  • Brings the white light of healing and the perfection of the rainbow spectrum for activating the chakras
  • Allows for the flow of life information and life movement to the user
  • Enhances the feminine aspects of ones’ nature
  • Soothes and heals the emotions
  • Combines the energies of non-restraint with diligent endurance
  • Acts as a guardian at the gateway to the subconscious
  • Neutralizes fear of feeling
  • Aids spiritual growth, and heals the astral body
  • The stone to attract one’s “King” or “Queen”
  • A symbolic instrument for deciphering the world and its mysteries
  • To regulate menstrual and fertility cycles, and ease menopause
  • Astrological signs of Cancer, Libra & Scorpio


  • Mental Stimulation
  • Inspiration
  • Problem Solving
  • Attunement to the Future
  • ESP
  • 3rd Eye
  • 7th Chakra
Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz
Nirvana Quartz™ is newly available to our world, although it has been under the glacier ice found at altitudes of 18,000 ft. for eons.

In 2004, due to glacier melt, some crystals were exposed and residents of this rugged, mountainous country began gently harvesting the uniquely shaped quartz and offering it to the world marketplace.

This amazing quartz has properties rarely found in quartz, including a special, flat termination; a fascinating surface texture due to growth interference; and an abundance of trigonics (inward, downward shaped triangles) on the faces. Plus, the presence of hematite gives a lovely pink color to a lot of the crystals, and even the clear pieces resemble a piece or ice.  

Nirvana Quartz™ is found in the Kullu Valley in the Himalayas of India, in the very place said to be the location of the mystical Shamballa.  Undisturbed since ancient times, the crystals seem to have absorbed all of the teachings Mother Earth has to offer.  

Now, with the earth changes and glacial melt, these crystals are ready to give their knowledge to humanity and are seeking the individuals ready to receive it. The knowledge and vibrations that they offer is varied and complex, so each crystal has very particular and unique gifts.  

Nirvana Quartz™ is a gift from the cosmos to the peoples of the world, offering a pathway towards the highest and best future for the world.  If you are drawn to a piece of this wondrous stone, you are being invited by the cosmos to participate in the creation of the future.

The white provides deeper connection to the Divine by enhancing your Higher Self connection, and the pink forges a deeper connection with the higher heart and all the vibrations of love that express in both heaven and earth:  meditate with a single piece, or a pair of pieces (one in each color) to discover and understand your role in this dynamic unfolding of the future.

Karen Crane, 2008


Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with large amounts of impurities

Notable Occurrences include Italy, Mexico, Scotland, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Idaho

Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass

  • An excellent grounding stone
  • Protection from emotional and/or physical harm
  • Provides a shield against negativity and disperses unloving thoughts from the carrier into the mineral
  • Induces creativity in all endeavors
  • Assists in clearing out dirty cobwebs in the deepest recesses of the mind
  • To penetrate the unknown
  • Quite useful in healing the physical body
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius

Chemistry: CaSi2 O4(OH)2 -H2 O, Hydrated calcium silicate hydroxide

NAME ORIGIN: Named after the German natural historian, Lorenz Oken (1779-1851), Munich Germany

Notable Occurrences include Poona, India; Greenland, Chile and Ireland

Crystallizes in the form of blade shaped fibrous masses resembling snowballs

  • The energy provides a feeling of ‘going home’
  • Opens and clears the light body for connection to the earth, mind, & galactic grids
  • Initiates painless completion and total healing of ones karmic cycle
  • Acts to purify the Chakras and the physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual bodies
  • Has been used to open oneself to the experience of channeling
  • Has been used to increase blood flow, stimulate circulation in the arms, treat fever & alleviate stomach disorders
  • Good for star people serving on Earth (this stone is not of earthly origin)
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius & Virgo


Crystallizes in the form of layers in a variety of colors

  • Centers & aligns the person with the Higher Power
  • Grounds and protects
  • Banishes grief
  • Encourages happiness & good fortune
  • Excellent psychic aid, cleansing intuitive receivers
  • Aids understanding of the cycle of life/death, reinforces the knowledge that there is no death
  • Aids in the understanding of the wheel of birth, death and rebirth
  • Assists in contact with those who have died
  • Aids past-life regression
  • Prevents and removes spirit possessions
  • Helps one to become the Master of their own future
  • Enhances self-control
  • Promotes wise decision making
  • Astrological signs of Leo

Opal precious
Chemistry: SiO2-nH2O, Hydrated Silicon Dioxide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Old Indian upala – “precious stone.”

Crystallizes in the form of masses

Viewed via an electron microscope, opal is seen as a uniform stacking and sizing of a great number of tiny spheres. The particular size of these spheres determines the color.

Colorless opals contains these spheres also, but without uniform size and stacking

  • Amplifies ones traits and characteristics
  • Furthers clean, true, and spontaneous actions & allows the release of inhibitions
  • Known as a “stone of happy dreams and changes”
  • Awakens psychic and mystical energies
  • Has been used to strengthen memory
  • Instills faithfulness & loyalty in personal & business relationships
  • Used to purify the blood, stimulate circulation, assist in recovery from Parkinson’s disease, & provide comfort & ease childbirth
  • Astrological signs of Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio
Orgone Generators

“Violet Flame Orgone generators use healing crystals, harmonizing sound frequencies, and the highest vibrational herbs and super foods available, combined with the science of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulators in the creation of one of a kind energetic healing device.  I invite you to explore the possibilities and open your heart to the discovery of all that you cannot see, but know is there.

Orgone energy has countless benefits and uses to you, your home, and the Earth. Violet Flame Orgone may be worn, gifted, displayed as sculpture, or for specific energy balancing needs.

When you receive your orgone generators you might feel drawn to place them in certain areas, or use them in certain. Go with your intuition, as it will always guide you in the most positive direction to serve you and your environment’s highest good. Take an active role in healing yourself and your environment, feel and notice the shift.

May we change the way we operate on an individual level and effect the vibration of the whole. This is my dream.”

Jamie – Orgone Generator Artist – facebook.comvioletflameorgonevioletflameorgone.com

History to Modern Day Alchemy:

Morenew OrgoniteDr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, observed a bio energetic force within all living organisms while researching the physical effects of emotion on the body. He named this energy Orgone and developed powerful healing devices from his discovery.

In 1939, he came to New York to continue his research into the healing potentials of Orgone . He discovered that stacked alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials attract and accumulate this energy. Using these principles, he invented the Orgone Accumulator. Further research showed that time spent in an Accumulator could speed the healing of minor wounds and burns, stimulate plant growth, ease physical pain, and had even begun to show promising results on cancer cells.

In 1954, the FDA filed a Complaint for Injunction against Reich, denying the existence of Orgone energy. The Judge ordered all machines, research and literature to be destroyed. In 1956, a student of his was arrested for violating the injunction and Reich was charged with criminal contempt of court and sent to prison. He died in 1957 while serving his sentence. (for more information visit http://www.wilhelmreichtrust.org/)


photo 1Although the FDA did not support Reich’s work, there are many who continued his research and today Orgone energy is being utilized for personal and global healing with astonishing results. Continued research has led to the discovery that the suspension of metals and quartz crystal within cured polyester resin, results in the formation of a matrix which aligns, magnifies, and directs Orgone energy.

The quartz crystal receives a significant energetic charge on its’ surface from the compression of the resin on the quartz during the curing process (piezo electricity). Polyester resin has a significant capacity to absorb electromagnetic energy and the metals both attract and reflect these energies. A powerful trinity that is greater than the sum of its’ parts. The new generation of Orgone devices, balance the harmful effects of modern pollutants on the environment and ourselves. The research and applications of this powerful healing energy continues through the work of scientists, healers, and modern day alchemists all over the world.

The Violet Flame is a sacred fire, transmuting dense energies through the balancing power of light. Violet Flame Orgone healing devices activate the power of transmutation within the individual.

8.LatestOrgoniteModern environmental and emotional pollutants cause stress on our nervous systems and Mother Earth. Violet Flame Orgone evens the energetic scales using the powerful trinity – polyester resin, metal shavings of various kind and density, and quartz – as the foundation of each device. Elements such as healing crystals, 24k gold, herbs and high vibrational superfoods common to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Native American cultures are incorporated in each piece to focus the intent and magnify the healing potential of this powerful energy.


Chemistry: (Mg, Fe)2SiO4., Variety of Olivine

An estimated 80 – 95% of all world production of peridot comes from Arizona. Other regions include Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany; Chihuahua, Ethiopia, Australia

Forms in masses, grains & prismatic crystals

  • Emits a warm and friendly energy
  • To cleanse and stimulate the chakras
  • Heals emotional or nervous tension & physical pain
  • Provides a shield of protection around the body and should be removed prior to any chakra or physical healing
  • Inspires happiness while lessening anger in the ego
  • Promotes complete love, forgiveness and self love
  • Helps heal hurt feelings, bruised egos & damaged relationships
  • To relate to realities beyond the physical world
  • To detox intestinal organs especially the liver
  • To facilitate in the birthing process
  • To strengthen nearsightedness and astigmatism
  • Astrological signs of Virgo, Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius

Only Occurrence: Windhoek, Namibia, Africa

Crystallizes in the form of masses, a result of inclusions in jasper which are pseudomorphs after jasper

Name Origin: It was discovered by Sid Pieters

  • Said to contain the “keys to the kingdom of heaven”
  • A stone of courage
  • Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands
  • Aligns the energy centers of the body
  • Held during meditation, grounds the energy to the Etheric body, culminating in access to the akashic records
  • Helps one to recognize their fullest potential
  • Promotes loyalty to the self
  • Regulates the endocrine glands and production of hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, body temperature
  • Astrological sign of Leo

Prasiolite is a gem with which one can really be confused. It is traded with a variety of names and sometimes mistaken for expensive gems like Green Beryl, Peridot and Tourmaline. The green variety is also named as Vermarine, Lime Citrine or Green Amethyst. This is a true collector’s gemstone.

The name PRASIOLITE has been derived from the Greek words, “Prason” and “Lithos” which means ‘leek’ (due to the similarity of that vegetable) and ‘stone’ simultaneously.

The color of Prasiolite varies from pale yellow green to that with the deeper shades of green.  This stone is perfect for everyday wear and a wide variety of applications.

It is found in Brazil and Arizona. The Hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.

It is believed to facilitate bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical aspects of life. It attracts prosperity through strengthening the mind, emotions and will.

Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite
Chemistry: CaF2,  Calcium Fluoride

Notable occurrences include England, Spain, China, Brazil, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and many USA localities

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, columns, cubes

  • Brings rationality to the intuitive qualities within
  • Brings an orderly connection to both psychic and spiritual growth
  • Makes spiritual knowledge from the outer aura body conscious
  • Aids the ability to meditate
  • Increases psychic development and understanding
  • Used to access spiritual information from the Body of Light
  • Used to treat disorders associated with the bones & bone marrow
  • Excellent to use in preparation for all healing modalities
  • Astrological signs of Pisces & Capricorn

Chemistry: MnP04, ManganesePhosphate

Crystallizes in the form of masses.
Notable Occurrences include Namibia; western Australia; North
Carolina, USA and France

NAME ORIGIN: From the Latin purpureus – “purple red.”

Color ranges from lavender, violet pink to purple .

  • Known as the ‘Imperial Stone’
  • To break out of old patterns and conditions
  • Aids one on ventures and journeys into the ‘unknown’
  • Increase one’s spiritual aspirations
  • Facilitates planning and taking action to help one continue on the
  • path to enlightenment
  • Assists in speaking with both confidence and freedom
  • Used to treat hemorrhages, bruises, superficial wounds and for blood
  • purification and a stable pulse
  • Chakras – Throat & Crown
  • Astrological sign of Virgo

Chemistry: FeS2, Iron Sulfide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, pyrites lithos, “stone which strikes fire,” in allusion to the sparking produced when iron is struck by a piece of pyrite

Notable Occurrences include Illinois and Missouri, Peru, Germany, Russia, Spain, South Africa

Crystallizes in the form of masses with striated cubes

  • Possesses a defending quality, shielding one from negative energies
  • Brings about optimal use of psychic energy
  • Encourages and sustains the ideal of a healthy intellect, & emotional well being
  • Aids prosperity & ability to manifest needs and abundance
  • Uplifts and grounds at once
  • Dispels unwanted interference from both the physical & spiritual worlds
  • Ideal to promote personal power
  • Known as the “King’s Stone”
  • Used in the treatment of bronchitis, to stimulate sexuality [when consciously directed] & regulate metabolism
  • Astrological sign of Leo

Chemistry: Pb5(PO4)3Cl, Lead Chlorophosphate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek pyr – “fire” and morfe – “form.”

Crystallizes in the form of masses, needle like crusts, fibers, grains, hexagonal prisms

Notable Occurrences include Idaho and Pennsylvania, Mexico, Germany, England and Australia.

  • Used in healing situations, it enhances the energy of the stones in use
  • Aids communication with animals, plants, nature spirits
  • Induces awareness that what harms one harms all
  • A ‘Stone for earth Healers’
  • A ‘Stone for Victory’
  • Used to release blockages from the acupressure/acupuncture meridians
  • Dispels unwanted microorganisms from the blood
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide

NAME ORIGIN: From the German “quarz”, of uncertain origin

Notable occurrences include Arkansas, Missouri, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia,

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals

  • Produces a naturally balanced energy field, modifying the available energy to all areas of the body
  • Harmonizes and aligns all human energies, thoughts, and emotions
  • The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony and is known as the ‘Stone of Power’
  • To increase prosperity and abundance in your life
  • Provides for enhanced energy and promotes perseverance, patience and restful sleep
  • If one uses quartz or any other mineral for purposes other than ‘for the good of all,’ the experience of destructive forces within one’s life will be invited
  • The “Stone of Peace”
  • Protects and clears negativity on all levels
  • Clears and activates all chakras
  • Astrological sign of all
Quartz with Chlorite

Quartz  w Chlorite
Chemistry: SiO2 & (Fe, Mg, Al)6(Si, Al)4O10(OH)8, Silicon dioxide with Iron Aluminum Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide

Notable occurrences include Arkansas, Missouri, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia,

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals

  • Chlorite is one of the most powerful healing energies in the mineral kingdom
  • Stimulates inspiration on all levels
  • Assists in removing undesirable energies from ones life
  • Grounds energy
  • Assists in meeting a personal or spiritual guide
  • Represents abundance


  • Magnification of Other Stones
  • Increase Personal Power
  • Confidence
  • Solar Plexus / 3rd Chakra

Chemistry: MnCO3, Manganese Carbonate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek rhodon -“rose” and chroma – “color.”

Notable occurrences include USA, Peru, Germany, South Africa, Canada

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, columns, crusts

  • Known as “The Stone Of Love And Balance”
  • Creates new worlds for the user – worlds filled with love and dreams
  • Reprograms the emotional body to receive joy, heals the ability to give and receive
  • Heals blocks to spiritual energy
  • Cleanses the Heart chakra and heals self-blame
  • When meditating with this stone an encounter with ones twin soul[s] is highly likely
  • Assists in releasing suffering from past and present
  • Opens blocked ability to know/manifest one’s life purpose and karmic agreements
  • Heals lack of connection to Goddess Energy
  • Acts to cleanse and renew
  • Removes tendencies towards avoidance or denial
  • Provides a gentle balancing effect at the Etheric level
  • Beneficial to prevent sickness
  • Prevents emotional sources of cancer from manifesting
  • Astrological signs of Scorpio & Leo

Chemistry: (Mn, Fe, Mg, Ca)5(SiO3)5, Manganese Iron Magnesium Calcium Silicate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek rhodon -“rose”

Notable Occurrences include Ural Mountains, Russia, Broken Hill, Australia, Langban, Sweden, Minas Gerais, Brazil and Massachusetts and New Jersey

  • Balances yin yang energy
  • Helps one to attain a calm assurance in all activities
  • Helps one to achieve his/her greatest potential
  • Stimulates, clears and activates heart chakra while grounding at the same time
  • Stimulates the serving aspect of one’s nature and encourages generosity of spirit
  • Facilitates attention to details and interrelationships
  • Promotes maturity in love affairs and relationships (aids in distinguishing real from fantasy)
  • Grounds emotional flights into earth plane reality
  • Helps in recognizing real from wishful in relationships (for those who fall in love too fast and too often)
  • Stimulates alignment of chakras and removal of blockages
  • Used to treat emphysema, inflammations, arthritis
  • Astrological signs of Taurus
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon Dioxide Variety of Quartz

Notable occurrences include Madagascar, India, Germany, South Dakota, Brazil

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, and quite rarely as crystal structures

The ‘stone of gentle love’, rose quartz reinstates the loving gentle forces of self-love by reprogramming the heart to love itself

  • Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships
  • For spiritual attainment to the energy of love
  • Balances yin-yang energy while tuning each chakra to its proper vibrational frequency
  • Provides an excellent energy for healing emotional wounds & negative childhood experiences
  • Stimulates the true life force: love!
  • For fertility
  • To reduce wrinkles and clear the skin resulting in a soft complexion
  • Astrological sign of Taurus and Libra

Chemistry: Variety of Corundum

NAME ORIGIN: Probably derived from the Sanskrit, kuruvinda, meaning “ruby.”

Notable occurrences include Thailand, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, North Carolina, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Kampuchea, and perhaps most notably, Burma.

Oriented rutile crystal inclusions cause a six-rayed-star light effect (called asterism) to form the popular Star Ruby.

  • Known as “Star of Purity”
  • Induces stability in ones economic status
  • It has been said, as long as one retains a little bit of ruby, wealth will never depart
  • Protects against unhappiness, nightmares, and lightning
  • Aids connection to angels, spirit guides, goddesses
  • Fosters channeling & automatic writing
  • Stabilizes, revitalizes energy on all levels & grounds
  • Aids chronic fatigue, weakness, low vitality
  • Astrological signs of Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius
Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz
Chemistry: TiO2 & SiO2, Titanium Oxide & Silicon dioxide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Latin, rutilus – “reddish.”

Notable Occurrences include Minas Gerias, Brazil, Swiss Alps, Arkansas, and some African localities

Rutilated Quartz is quartz terminated by rutile, which is a needle like crystal with a wide color range, commonly yellow, gold, copper and sometimes silver

  • It is likened to the appearance of wheat straw and Angel Hair
  • The Rutile intensifies the power of the Quartz
  • Repels negativity
  • Harmonizes relationships, marriages, mental processes and emotional & physical imbalances
  • Eases one who is in transition
  • Brings forth calm, reason, & order
  • Astrological signs of Gemini & Taurus

Hydrated calcium aluminum silicate Chemistry: CaAl2Si3O10-3H2O

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, skolec = ‘worm’

Notable Occurrences include Poona, India; Riverside Co., California; Iceland; Skye Scotland and Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Crystallizes in the form of slender prismatic crystals

  • Opens the network of informational patterns to facilitate communication with other dimensions
  • Serves to support the transformation of the heart to love
  • Useful in boosting and aiming the energy of another crystal energy to the point where it is intended
  • Used currently as a stone for extra terrestrial communication
  • Enables one to exhibit control over ones life
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn
Selenite Wands

Selenite Wands
Chemistry: CaSO4-2(H2O)  Hydrated Calcium Sulfate


Selenite and Apophyllite are the only two minerals powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz Crystals. Selenite is further unique in that it is the only mineral capable of programming Quartz Crystals. 

Place any crystal, specimen or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your Selenite piece or wand. You can set a number of different stones in a row. The Selenite will both clean any energies present and recharge your other crystals and stones. 

You can greatly increase any other crystal or stone energy by pointing your Selenite Wand at the other stone. Reprogramming is done this way. Just visualize how you want the energy of your Quartz crystal or other stone to perform, concentrate on this intent and you’re done!  Use a flatter piece of Selinte to cleanse and recharge other crystals and stones, as well as gemstones. 


Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Beings or Totem Animals can all be more easily contacted using a Selenite Wand or piece.  Access your subconscious as well. Selenite is very potent. Be careful of your thoughts when working with it.  Rub your Selenite in an outward direction with two or three fingers.  At the same time visualize and ask to contact a guide.

Selenite provides a bridge to other worlds, as well as assisting us to merge the energy of Spirit into our daily lives.  It is pure white light and brings this white light into your life, both inside and outside.  Like quartz, this mineral has stored information that can be revealed to us when we work with it, thus aiding our three dimensional journey on our planet.


Use a similar rubbing process only use your thumb and rub along the ridges or striation lines of your Selenite. Ask for access to your Past Lives. This sometimes happens very quickly so be prepared.


Selenite is often used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. Using the same rubbing technique as for Past Lives, ask your Selenite for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral traveling. 

When using your Selenite piece or wand in any of these ways or to amplify healing, make certain you use your inner powers to wipe clean the energy that has been placed into the Selenite.


Superior for psychic development and intuitive processes. A growing number of readers are finding Selenite more useful and manageable than Quartz Crystal. Quartz has that uncompromising habit of amplifying everything, positive or negative.  Place Selenite on the third eye to heighten astral projection.  It will also improve telepathic abilities.

As a bridge to altered states of consciousness, Selenite is an excellent tool for visualization, meditation and working with the subconscious. 

Goes to the source of physical disorders and provides insights into probable causes.  Outstanding as a journeying tool for Shamans.  Selenite is also wonderful for clearing the aura of Healer before doing Reiki on a client.

Use when emotionally upset to provide a calming influence to see a situation more objectively.


Its unique ability to connect and balance the Spiritual and Physical bodies enables Selenite to do similar work between two persons.  Therefore, it acts as a powerful bridge between Heaven and Earth.

 Selenite is so powerful as a record keeper that some couples use a large Selenite piece as a message center. It tends to smooth out any difficulties due to unclear messages.


Working with the subtle bodies Selenite pushes one to the area most in need of clearing and balancing. Its power in working with all of the chakras makes Selenite a universal healing implement. 

Selenite is not like any other healing stone or wand that focuses its particular energy on a problem. Selenite works like a tuner on a radio to discover locations of static in the aura.  

It just may be one of the best kept secrets out there today.  As your own awareness grows so will your use of this mystical mineral

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam
Root Chakra

  • Connects the Shiva, (Male) with the Kali, (Female)
  • Raises and grounds the kundalini
  • Facilitates the union of body and soul
  • Balances yin & yang energies
  • Enhances sexuality
  • Fosters sexual healing (especially for men)

Chemistry: ZnCO3, Zinc carbonate

Notable occurrences: Tsumeb, Namibia, Zambia, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Mexico, Greece, Poland, Belgium

Crystallizes as crusts, masses, grains, botryoidal structures, stalactites

Extremely wide color range

Named after James Smithson founder of the Smithsonian Institute

  • Assists on in accessing knowledge and healing from the higher planes during sleep/dream time
  • Soothing and calming during stressful times
  • Heals grief, rage, anger, resentment, sadness, heartache, sorrow
  • Refills the aura with peace & healing
  • Promotes the dynamic celebration of new beginnings
  • Used to ameliorate dysfunction in immune system, skin eruptions, alcoholism
  • Astrological sign of Pisces & Virgo
Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2, Zinc carbonate

NAME ORIGIN: From the German “quarz”, of uncertain origin

Notable occurrences include Arkansas, Missouri, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia,

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals

The presence of sodium in clear quartz creates smokey quartz

  • Enhances a feeling of security and safety
  • Transforms negative emotions & patterns
  • Facilitates the desire to set aside the thinking mind and clear mental channels
  • Initiates a powerful force field which will absorb many forms of negativity
  • Balances yin yang energies
  • Excellent grounding stone, creating acceptance of the body & earth plane
  • Promotes personal pride and joy
  • Promotes walking softly on the Earth Mother, encouraging Earth awareness and responsibility
  • Regulates creativity in business
  • Diffuses communication deficiencies and emotional blockages which limit perception and learning
  • Heals fear, depression, addictions, obsessions
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn & Sagittarius

Chemistry: Na4Al3(SiO4)3Cl, Sodium Aluminum Silicate Chloride

NAME ORIGIN: Named from its chemical composition

Notable Occurrences include Ontario, Mt. Vesuvius, Italy; Brazil, British Columbia and Maine

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, and nodules

  • Known as the awakener of the third eye
  • The white lines and flecks in solalite symbolize the spiritual light that comes with a balanced mind
  • It is an excellent stone for use in groups
  • Provides fellowship, solidarity and a commonality of goal and purpose
  • Manifests the qualities of companionship while encouraging self esteem, self-trust & trust in others
  • Encourages beginning psychic vision and stimulates intuitive thought
  • Calms and stills the mind
  • Clears old mental patterns from the subconscious
  • Used in the treatment of gland metabolism, digestive disorders, insomnia & lack of calcium
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius
Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Variety of Quartz

Variety of Quartz found exclusively in Magaliesburg, South Africa

2nd stage mineral growth: the center point of amethyst covered with Druse Amethyst sometimes doused with ametrine, citrine or smokey

Atlantean and Lemurian in origin with ET influences

  • Place one of these rare majestic crystals above your head near your crown chakra to direct energy toward the ethereal planes
  • Opens the crown chakra
  • Recharges and cleanses the aura
  • Used to recognize and diagnose energy blocks
  • Opens inner child energy blocks
  • Creates a youthful feeling of joy and happiness
  • Opens the heart of spirituality
  • Allows the authentic self to emerge parallel with the higher self
  • Integrates all bodies, all selves
  • Astrological sign of  All

Chemistry: Fe2Al9Si4O22(OH)2, Iron Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide

NAME ORIGIN: Named after its location

Notable Occurrences: Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Montana, Brazil, Scotland, Italy, France, Russia

Crystallizes in the form of flat prismatic crystals with cruciform twinning

  • Known as the ‘Fairy Stone’
  • Is a talisman of good luck
  • Said to be the crystallized tears of fairies formed when they were brought the news of the death of Christ
  • Aligns and balances the communication & connection between physical, astral & spiritual planes
  • Provides relief in stressful situations
  • Helpful to alleviate depression & addictive tendencies
  • Provides incentive, initiative, and support to those who are quitting smoking
  • Used to treat fever, depression, malaria
  • Astrological sign of Pisces

Chemistry: Sb2S3, Antimony Sulfide

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, stimmi or stibi, “antimony,” thence to the Latin, stibium. Also from the Greek anthemon, “flower” in allusion to the form of crystal druses

Crystallizes in the form of masses, columns blades, needle like crystals with vertical striations

Notable Occurrences include Hunan province, China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Peru and South Africa

  • Used in meditation, it creates an undistracted entry into the meditative state
  • Enhances the energy field
  • Acts as an impenetrable barrier around the physical body
  • Assists in the manifestation of courage
  • A ‘Stone to stabilize ones economy’
  • Used to bring fidelity to relationships
  • Increases understanding between the user and the animal and plant kingdoms
  • Used to treat disorders of the stomach
  • To dispel possession in the body
  • Relieves stiffness in the body
  • Astrological sign of Scorpio & Capricorn

Chemistry: NaCa2Al5Si13O36 -14H2O, Hydrated sodium calcium aluminum silicate

NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek stilbe – “luster” in allusion to the pearly to vitreous luster

Notable Occurrences include Poona, India; Scotland, Iceland, New Jersey, Nova Scotia

Crystallizes in the form of plates, or thin tabular crystals
Often found growing with apophyllite

  • Provides a powerful loving energy in creativity and intuitive endeavors (meditation & prayer)  
  • Provides a grounding energy while still connecting one
  • to creative and intuitive action
  • Provides guidance while one is ‘above the world’ and assists in obtaining the astral state
  • Used in the treatment of laryngitis, loss of taste, and to strengthen ligaments
  • Counteracts poisoning by providing enhanced toxin removal capabilities
  • Astrological sign of Aries
Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide


Crystallizes in the form of masses

  • Promotes unconditional love for others and oneself
  • Aids in viewing life with understanding & compassion for all
  • Helps one to understand one’s past lives and karmic debts
  • Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies
  • held by the high council; those being the most spiritually developed at the time
  • The stone will be made available to those who are both ready and willing to embrace the information
  • Creates compassion for the not-perfect body
  • Astrological sign of all

Chemistry: KNa2Li3(Fe, Mn, Al)2Si12O30, Potassium Sodium Lithium Iron Manganese Aluminum Silicate

Notable Occurrences include Japan as well as Quebec, Canada and most importantly, South Africa.

Crystallizes in the form of lightly banded masses and rarely as tiny crystals

Color ranges from lavender, violet pink to purple

Found mainly in the Kalahari Region of the Republic of South Africa

  • Has surfaced now to bring special healing powers to humanity
  • Helps the spiritual being to live well on the earth plane
  • Cushions the earth’s harshness for spiritually orientated beings
  • The ‘love stone for this age’ representing the perfection of spiritual love
  • Archangel Michael’s stone
  • Creates a flow from the crown to the root chakra, opening the chakras and providing a pathway for the movement of kundalini
  • Aids living in the present rather than dwelling in the past or future
  • Tunes ones’ vibration to that of the earth, grounding
  • Balances the left & right hemispheres of the brain
  • Reminds one of the reasons for being in the physical body, to answer the question ‘Why am I here?’
  • Releases & heals despair, hostility, eases discouragement
  • Helps one to believe in oneself
  • Sugilite says, “your presence is very important here and you are loved by the forces of life itself.”
  • Brings peace and relaxation to the user
  • Excellent remedy for headache, dyslexia, stroke & epilepsy
  • Astrological sign of Virgo

Vitality, Detoxification, Remove Negative Thoughts

Related primarily to the sacral and solar plexus chakras

Sulphur is said in the crystal healing world to be a stone of energy and vitality which can help remove negative thoughts and feelings.

Mystically, this is said to help decrease illness by taking away the mental/emotional component. The vitality properties of sulphur are said to bring protection and purification.

It is used in metaphysics to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people. Traditional and mystical lore repute that sulphur is helpful for the skin, digestion, arthritis, recuperation, muscles, back-aches, feet, chemotherapy related discomforts and detoxification of substances or toxins.

Super Seven

Super Seven Quartz
SUPER SEVEN is a combination of seven minerals:

  • Amethyst
  • Cacoxenite
  • Goethite
  • Lepidocrocite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rutile
  • Smokey Quartz

Along with the properties of those 7 minerals, Super Seven also contains these properties:

The Super Seven is a “flambeau” mineral which is known to exhibit the phenomenon of St. Elmo’s Fire, an ethereal auric light reminiscent of the “holy light” which has been seen during atmospheric electricity on church towers and treetops.

It provides electromagnetic waves providing the self-luminous quality and assists one in seeing auras and in maintaining the connection between the physical and ethereal planes.

Analogous to Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens, it can assist one in all endeavors, promoting conscious awareness of that which has remained hidden for eons. It provides for mental impressions denoting spiritual/intellectual truths, allegories to assist in advancement, and images of ones position, appointment and progress in the Cosmic Plane.

The Super Seven is being used as the nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, embracing karma, causation, and the potential for reincarnation, all based upon the science of theosophy. It presents information for both individuals and for the collective, assisting one to understand and to facilitate the changing of ones thinking in order to set in motion the new laws allowing peace, harmony, and love to guide and govern ones being. It never needs cleansing or energizing.

It has also been used to promote telekinetic pursuits, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, awareness-channeling, universal creativity, to further healing and wellness on all levels, and for Earth-healing.

Locality: Espirito do Santo, Brazil

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2 Silicon dioxide

NAME ORIGIN: From the German “quarz”, of uncertain origin

Notable occurrences include Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico

Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals

  • To promote Inner Self evaluation and evolution
  • Allows one to re-trace any negative energies which attempt to penetrate ones protective shield
  • Stimulates the sacral chakra and enhances creativity, intuition of the physical plane, and sexuality
  • Dispels isolation and dis-connectedness and abates unwarranted fears
  • The energy brings to one the tendency to feel less vulnerable, more dispassionate, and calm
  • Aligns the outer bodies, provides grounding, creates a pathway to the Higher Self
  • Treatment of disorders related to the reproductive system, to infertility and/or frigidity, and to intestinal disorders
  • Used to promote weight loss
  • Currently being used in the treatment of Parkinson’s dis-ease
  • Said to provide for an increased T-cell count in AIDS patients
  • Astrological sign Leo & Libra

A variety of: Zoisite, Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH), Calcium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide.

Name Origin: Named after its locality, from Tanzania

Discovered in 1967

Crystallizes in the form of crusts and prismatic crystals

  • Known as “a stone of magic”
  • Opens chakras for new spiritual awareness promoting interest in metaphysics
  • Opens an awareness of living more consciously
  • Cleanses the emotional body
  • Brings together aspects of expression and psychic vision, allowing the user to adequately communicate insight
  • The energy reaches through the crown chakra for protection and safety during all activities
  • Facilitates meditation & communication with the spiritual world
  • Used to assist one when encountering different aspects of the self
  • Aids in making spiritually influenced life choices
  • Used to treat misalignment of the spinal column, disorders of the eyes, and helps to bring one out of a comatose state
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces
Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye
Tigers eye is a form of crocidolite (blue asbestos), always a form of quartz that gets its distinctive yellow and golden brown stripes from inclusions of iron oxide

South Africa is responsible for practically all the tigers eye production in the world

  • Makes one invisible from negative energy sources
  • Promotes courage and self confidence, especially with change
  • Protects travelers from accidents
  • Synthesizes the energies of the Sun & the Earth
  • Enhances psychic abilities
  • Provides for balancing of yin-yang energies
  • Clears negative energy from the Solar Plexus
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn

Chemistry: Al 2 SiO 4 (F, OH) 3 Aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide

NAME ORIGIN: Named after its locality. Topasos Island in the Red Sea

Crystallizes in the form of pebbles and prismatic crystals with a very wide color range

  • Known as a “stone of true love and success in all endeavors”
  • Encourages clear communication on all levels
  • Promotes confidence in decision making
  • Replaces negativity with joy and peace
  • The energy of topaz acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation
  • The “crystal of potency,”  instrumental in healing, attracting, meditation, projection
  • Helps one to be unburdened by arrogance, allowing one to see all things as equally important
  • Brings body, mind, spirit into union with the forces of the universe
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces

Chemistry: Na(Li,Al)3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3 (OH)4 Sodium Lithium Aluminum Boro-Silicate Hydroxide

Notable Occurrences include San Diego, Brazil, Elba, Italy (where Elbaite gets its name) Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maine, Russia

Forms in vertically striated prismatic crystals

  • Brings deeply comforting love energy and heals the entire emotional body, opening the heart
  • Emanates the message to, “align yourself with the forces of light & channel that radiance onto your world and into your life.”
  • Allows one to trust and bring forth the feelings of joy and enthusiasm for life
  • Promotes self love, complete love, compassion for oneself
  • Promotes a lifetime of service, opening the ability to reach out to others
  • Heals & removes heart scars
  • Brings pre-life karmic agreements & life purpose into one’s heart
  • Grounds & removes blockages and negativity from the aura and chakras (black tourmaline)
  • Bridges Heaven & Earth by lowering high spiritual frequencies and raising the frequency of denser matter
  • Assists in the attainment of peace, awareness and universal love
  • To treat disorders of the heart and skin
  • Astrological sign of Libra

Chemistry: CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8*5(H2O), Hydrated Copper Aluminum Phosphate

Notable Occurances include Arizona and New Mexico, Australia, Iran, Afghanistan and other localities in the Middle East.

Forms mostly in masses

  • Strengthens all chakras, connecting and aligning energies
  • Connects physical and spiritual awareness while developing inner strength and calmness
  • Heals Throat Chakra blocks, sadness, and karmic guilt
  • A stone of earth grounding
  • A healer of the spirit, providing a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind
  • Enhances communication & creativity
  • To heal the emotional body
  • To increase circulation
  • Relieves headaches
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius, Pisces & Scorpio


  • Intuition
  • Inner Vision
  • Clairvoyance
  • Creativity
  • Mental Agility
  • 3rd Eye / 6th Chakra

Mottled rock consisting of mainly pink Feldspar, green Epidote, and Quartz

Crystallizes in the form of masses

  • Brings the emotional body into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality
  • Clears toxic emotions and old pains
  • Releases anger, resentment, vengeances
  • Helps one to deal with the events or information from the past which have instilled blockages in our energy
  • Used to help one go beneath the physical symptom of disease and determine the root cause underlying the condition
  • Used in treatment of the reproductive system, to stimulate healthy pregnancies
  • Astrological sign of Scorpio

Chemistry: Pb5(VO4)3Cl Lead Chlorovanadate

NAME ORIGIN: Named for its vanadium content.

Notable occurrences: Arizona, Mexico, Tsumeb, Nambia, Zambia, and South Africa

Crystallizes as globular masses, barrel shaped crystals, & hollow prismatic crystals

  • Inspires the ability to let go, surrender, & receive the higher purpose
  • Promotes order in one’s life
  • Assists in the grounding/centering process
  • Balances women’s reproductive hormones
  • Promotes thrift in spending
  • A good stone for those who tend to overspend
  • Has been used to regulate menstrual cycles & aids in PMS
  • Shrinks & eliminates tumors & cysts in reproduction organs
  • Treats exhaustion & aids the circulatory system
  • Astrological sign of Virgo

Chemistry: Fe3(PO4)2-(H2O)8, Hydrated Iron Phosphate

Notable occurrences include Bolivia

Crystallizes in the form of prismatic crystals, stellate groupings, globular masses, fibers

  • The “stone for goal setting”
  • Conveys love and inspiration for life
  • Absorbs and transmutes energy that leads to self devaluating thoughts
  • Has been used in the study of cereology (analysis of crop circles)
  • Has been sed to decrease the presence of free radicals in the body, alignment of the spine, treatment of the iris
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn

Chemistry: PbMoO4 Lead Molybdate

NAME ORIGIN: Named after the Austrian mineralogist, F. X. Wulfen (1728-1805)

Crystallizes as the form of masses, octahedral crystals, prismatic, square tabby crystals

Notable Occurrences include Morocco, Tsumeb, Nambia, Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico

  • Helps one to let go of the fact that negative aspects exist on this plane
  • Brings order out of confusion in relationships
  • Promotes contact with the spiritual world
  • Facilitates the knowledge and practice of white magic
  • Sponsors a powerful connection to the Higher Self
  • Used for preservation and rejuvenation on all levels
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius