AURA SHOP has developed a crystal app to make learning about healing crystals and gemstones easily accessible for YOU! Our “Crystal Guru” app includes about 200 photographed crystals/gemstones, their metaphysical properties, a personal affirmation to use when working with each stone, their Chakra & Astrological correspondences, a variety of ways to use your stones, and MUCH more! We have also included recommended reading materials, a basic intro to Chakras, info on Astrology and Crystals, and a journal for you to note your experiences! Crystal Guru is an easy to use educational tool for those who seek to deepen their knowledge of crystals and minerals.As an extension of the AURA SHOP, we intend to provide you with an incredible service to help facilitate your personal transformation and ascension. All photos used in our app are original photo’s taken in-store by us at AURA SHOP in Santa Monica, California unless otherwise noted. To download this App on your iPhone, follow the link: http://apple.co/1XmP646

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect!


Click here to download AURA SHOP’s new app for iPhone, and here for Android!


Beautiful high resolution images of each crystal/mineral.


Easy to use interface.


Filters, categorization, and favorites make browsing a breeze.



“This App is incredible! It contains beautiful pictures and tons of information! Yesterday I went shopping for crystals, and I looked up some unfamiliar names, it had everything! Would highly recommend!” – Ladyleo18

“Great Images. Easy to navigate. Lots of information. Love it!” – Tnkrshp