Aura Shop Crystal Energy DesignLet the AURA SHOP Crystal Energy Design™ core team help you maximize your personal energy and the energy around you.

We can assist you on all levels to address every challenge in your life through the use of our wide selection of the most incredibly activated crystals featuring various energetic properties.


  • Create a visually stunning and energetically commanding environment in your home or office as well as your surrounding property.
  • Regenerate dormant energies and bring to life all your personal, family, and professional aspirations.
  • Enhance your true potential taking it to a new exciting level of manifestation.

Refine your energy – Refine your life!

  • Feel energized when you need to.
  • Feel calm when it’s essential.
  • Feel focused when necessary.
  • Feel free to express yourself with an environment that is conducive to transformational results.

Using crystal energy is the wave of the future.

Becoming sensitized to its use will enable you to feel its power and enjoy its intrinsic benefits.

Call us to set up an appointment for our team to assess and evaluate
all your personal, family or corporate needs.