Creating The Bridge

Creating the Bridge

The key to creating a bridge between the Millennials and the Baby Boomers is communication and understanding. Many places in which the generations blame one another or find fault in one another comes either from a lack of compassion, or a lack of consideration of perspective. Patience is necessary from both sides. More resources exist now—especially with information readily available on the internet—to allow for this reconciliation and joining of common goals. Even by reading this series, your eyes are being opened to the experiences of generations that are not your own, and if you keep your Heart open to what you have learned, you will naturally expand that understanding to the people in your life and that you interact with directly or indirectly.

The consideration of a new idea is the seed for a new Consciousness to grow. We all have much to learn, and the first step of learning is listening. We are all aligned with the same Life Purpose: to Love, to be happy & to leave a Legacy of making a difference that advances the Collective Consciousness. Each day, each of us has an opportunity to either take away or add. Every human being is in a state of evolution, whether we are conscious of it or not. Each of us brings unique gifts to assist us all on our evolutionary path on Planet Earth. There is much work to be done to bring forth a better world, be it technological, political, social, cultural, and individual. Each person contributes something unique and absolutely vital to the New World.

With the Indigos united, we will bring about change as has never been seen before. These are such exciting times to be living!

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