The AURA SHOP™ carries an extensive line of sensory healing products, including incense, diffusers, oils, and bath salts.

Featured Lines:

Color Therapy Eyewear ®

colored glasses to integrate and balance chakras by actually directing color energy into the body. The eyes convert light (color) into electricity which is the language that connects the mind to the body.

Star Essence

These flower and gemstone essence elixirs are made with sacred flowers collected in Peru and Santa Barbara, California. They are blended in a base of sacred activated healing water with the highest love and intention. Star Flower Essences are the perfect support to accelerate healing, intuition, and creativity.


AURA SHOP carries a range of incredible special salts to ingest, for cooking, for bath and for clearing crystals. Pick from Himalayan, Peruvian Rose Quartz & rock salts in both unscented and scented.