Empaths Series Intro

January 21, 2017

In order to open the waves of communication for an enlightened discussion on what it means to be Empathic, let’s... View Article

Re-Setting the Consciousness

December 10, 2016

RE-SETTING CONSCIOUSNESS Every time we think, feel or act on positive energy, we are literally creating new programs of BEing that will organically... View Article

Vibrational Attainment

December 3, 2016

VIBRATIONAL ATTAINMENT The entire Universe operates on the same principle of Vibrational Energy.  When Time Traveler, Einstein, discovered that “Matter is Energy,” he revealed the KEY... View Article

The Role of Ego, Part II

November 26, 2016

THE ROLE OF THE EGO Part 2 The Good News Fear, manipulation and control is only an appearance – an illusion.  It’s not... View Article

The Inner Child

November 12, 2016

 THE INNER CHILD Our inner-child is the Divine Fearlessness within us and is summoning us NOW.  As beings of innate manifestation & personal power, the... View Article