Aura Shop Crystal Leasing


The Aura Shop now offers rentals of our larger crystals, geodes, statues, tables, crystal and salt rock lamps, or other items in the Illumination Room for one third the retail price listed.

Use our remarkable and magical merchandise to spice up weddings, parties, sets for movies, television shows, and documentaries, or any other occasion. Visit our shop to see the selection of items available! Feel free to call ahead of time and speak with a staff member to ensure that we have in what you are imagining.

Official Rental Policy:

We rent all items for a blanket cost of one third the retail price, plus any cost of damages. You are responsible for all shipping, handling, and transport of the crystals to and from the shop and your event. We require either proof of insurance or a card on file for the extent of the rental period. For longer than five days, different rates might apply.

Fill out a rental contract here: Rental Contract
And an invoice here: Rental Invoice
or do so with one of our staff at the shop!

Call 310.584.9998 for more information!