Astrology Sessions




Astrology Crystal Grids

Learn what Crystals energize and empower YOU based on your Astrology Chart!

Crystals yield amazing energy and power, and when used in tandem with your Soul Print, it creates a special customized Matrix that holds, embraces, and empowers your journey in this lifetime! When we create a personalized Astrology Crystal Grid for you, we balance and enhance the energies of your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in your Natal Chart. This matrix holds your special energy 24/7, so you are always anchored, connected, and fired up! And…it’s a beautiful addition to your personal alter, or anywhere in your home. Included in this session is a crystal set to get you started, along with any and all adjusts that are required to help you be the very best version of YOU! This understanding, or merging of science and spirituality, allows you to truly know and understand the personal and intimate details of your gifts, talents, challenges, and souls calling in this lifetime. The work done together is specific to each client, creating a space for your Spiritual Connection and understanding. Astrology sessions are often a confirmation of thoughts, ideas, and intuitions you may have, but have not acted on or trusted. Astrology, as a guidance system, or road map, provides a path of least resistant and upset, and, when followed, opens up a flow of perfect divine timing in all areas of life!

Astrology, as a Scientific and Spiritual approach, is a road map to You! Your character, your personality patterns, your behaviors, and your potential! An understanding of these planetary influences empowers you to evolve, and thrive, making decisions and life choices from a position of Strength and BEING IN the Flow!

Astrology is available in 30 and 60 Minute Sessions. Click here to book online