by Barbara Hand Clow with Gerry Clow

According to the ALCHEMY OF NINE DIMENSIONS, these nine dimensions are totally accessible to humans in 3D, even though there are many other dimensions. The vertical axis, which connects all nine dimensions below, is the tenth dimension. We humans do not have the mental apparatus to understand and fully appreciate the universe, although we can feel it. Barbara says, ” These are just short takes on the dimensions, and that reading the book itself will trigger dimensional access.”

So, let’s explore these nine and realize when we are in and out of each dimension. Choose one dimension to work or play in each day or phase in your life. This is a priceless download and we believe that each of you can benefit greatly from knowing this information. Empower Yourself!


1D The iron core crystal in the center of Earth.

This is the source energy to anchor into the physical body – the beginning point of all manifestation – where materialization happens as the result of the planetary spin. The 1D core origination point eventually ends in the 9th Dimension in the black hole in the center of the Earth. Master manifesting and grounding.


2D The realm of life between the iron core crystal and Earth’s crust, as well as the world of lifeforms inside our bodies.

Chemicals, crystals, minerals, bacteria, etc. exist here. It’s a source of strength and vitality. The 2D represents our physical body chemically. It’s where crystals & minerals come from. It’s no wonder so many of us (ever growing) are attracted to and want to work/play with the crystals. Mastering your physical health.


3D All life and things on Earth’s surface and their relationships.

This is the linear space & time shared with all biological creatures (us included) & plants. It’s also where the physical & the non-physical realms intersect. To experience the physical body while having the capacity to experience these Dimensions & other multi-dimensions. Master interconnectedness.


4D The realm of the human collective mind and feelings.

This is the amalgam of individual thoughts & feelings that meld & weave into archetype patterns that connect all people. Master balancing your male and female energies in perfect harmony.


5D The realm of Love held in form by the Pleiadians that expresses the energy of the whole universe.

5D is the realm of light centered in the heart & is resonate with Earth’s biological creatures & plants. Master unconditional love & forgiveness. Moldavite Tektite is from the Pleiadian Constellation and is one of the top stones to work with right now for acceleration of your spiritual path, for protection and for grounding into your heart.


6D The realm of geometric forms that replicates in 3D and is held in form by the Sirians.

These geometric forms create plants, animals, humans & material objects in 3D and hold them in space. Mastering any technique that aligns our physical bodies with our ideal form, such as tai chi, yoga or karate, is the way to be in 6D while solid in 3D.

“Geometry is how vibration becomes visible.”
David Wilcock


7D The realm of cosmic sound that is the Galaxy’s communication system, and whose Keeper is Andromeda.

Sound Therapy is becoming very popular and is a powerful healing modality that may assist us to connect with this dimension. Also the Andara crystals from Mt. Shasta area are said to be from the Andromedia Galaxy and these are extremely powerful tools for ascension. Their intelligence is beyond our planet. Mastering communication with all sentient beings.


8D The realm of the Divine Mind imaged at organizational level, as run by the Galactic Federation. Orion is the Keeper.

This is the realm we need to experience Divine Light as a 3D human. Master raising your vibrational frequency to the Divine.


9D The Milky Way itself, a dimension that emanates out of its black hole.

Tzolk’in, the Mayan Spinner of time waves is the Keeper. It’s the threshold to many other dimensions and existences. Master transcending time, present, past and future.

Keepers are Beings who keep dimensions in form.

This article is inspired by the book, Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions.  The crystal references and the master teachings of each dimension have been included by Kate Mitchell, owner AURA SHOP.

Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow are renowned teachers and authors.  Barbara’s Cherokee grandfather began working with her when she was four years old to prepare Barbara as a Keeper on our planet.  This body of work, the Alchemy of Nine Dimensions is a powerful guide to ascension and provides incredible tools to assist us on our Journey.  

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This Material is copywrited by Barbara Hand Clow, 2004, 2010 and Kate Mitchell 2013.  You are welcome to share it in its entirety through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.