The New Chakras #1- CORAL


AURA SHOP was conceived & founded 17 years ago to teach about the Science of Chakras, Color & ENERGY. We began with the basic 7 CHAKRA SYSTEM, which houses our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. These centers are ROOT, SACRAL, SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, THROAT, THIRD EYE & CROWN. They run from the base of our Spinal Column to just above the head in the order just listed. Our website has extensive knowledge on these original 7 major chakras: http://aurashop.com/chakra-overview/

Many years ago, some of us began to feel shifts or “activations” coming in. We started feeling drawn to new colors, and seeing them in our meditations. Fashion began to reflect these energies, and we saw color trends that were very different from the past. These colors are those of the higher chakras.

Since there is very little information out there about these 5 new Energies, we are Blogging about them to encourage a dialogue which will lead to a greater understanding of what it means to integrate these new Chakras, and how they are assisting our transformation from a carbon based 3D being to a Crystalline Light Body.

CORAL – below the knee in between the feet. This activation is for taking responsibility (moving away from victim/blame) and grounding this new understanding of your Self into your life. It assists with Self Love, healing, and interactions in all relationships. This chakra center is for creating new beginnings, taking risks and manifesting new ways of BEing in your 3Dworld.

Meditating, wearing, and painting with these colors will help you to draw in their energy. Every color has a vibrational frequency that is beneficial to our overall energy/chakra system/aura. Have fun, experiment, and BE HAPPY! We are all mini RAINBOWS!

Remember, every Chakra has a Chakra System WITHIN it,  and on, and on, and on……  Infinitely.

Stay tuned for “The New Chakras #2 – TURQUOISE” coming soon!