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All the old, disempowering programming that we absorbed consciously or unconsciously, whether it was intended against us, or just a by product of ignorance, is now being deleted. Soon it will be completely obsolete and a memory of days gone wild.  In the meantime, the New Earth programing is now being downloaded in full swing, fast & furious.  It officially began on December 21, 2012. That’s why the last 3 years have been very exciting and also extremely challenging.  For we all know, that in order to thrive in a new way of Being, the old way must be deleted. We can be assured that the new program is fully on board now, and it is just a matter of rapid time until everyone on this planet is fully integrated and living in Love & Light.  So now it’s time to step up the process to the best of our ability, and to let all of our Sisters & Brothers know the truth. Let’s review the transition currently happening, and even more importantly, let’s intend that all the disempowering energies be lovingly transmuted with the Violet Flame into loving, empowering energies that we can utilize to live in abundance & harmony with one another… Heaven on Earth, Unity Consciousness.


Taking on the energy of others in order to help them


Limitations are something we just have to deal with


You have to work hard in life to be successful


Money is the root of all evil


Fear is necessary and helps us to grow


Greed is good, and part of capitalism


The sky is the limit



Holding space for others when they are in need.


There are unlimited possibilities


Finding a balance of working, playing, and relaxing brings happiness


Money is a value structure, bringing love & light when used positively


Fear is the opposite of Love, and ultimately not essential to living


No amount of money will fulfill, or define you


The sky is only the beginning


Out with the old and IN with the New!  This phase of our evolution is an essential part that has to be completed now, before we can embrace our new way of existing.

It’s time to let go of everything that is not serving our highest good as a planet. You must make space to create the New You in the New World of Being. The stakes are High now, quite literally.  We have so much assistance, more now than ever.  We can create an ideal place to live, where the motive is for higher consciousness, and the agenda is enlightenment & Unity. We are all ONE.

Stay tuned for our next Blog, “2016 Conscious Ways of BEing #1  – Flexibility,” coming out soon!