2016 Conscious ways of BEing #1 – FLEXIBILITY


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         Have you been wondering why the last few years have been extremely intense and challenging?  Especially since 2012, (when we officially moved out of the last 2000+ age, from Pisces to Aquarius).  2015 seemed to many of us a culmination of life lessons and training for the New World and a new way of existing.  It’s important to remember that we are moving from a carbon-base to a crystalline-based body.  Everyone is transforming, and at their own perfect speed. There are ways to balance this shift, and even accelerate it.

           The following Ways of BEing will help us to understand where we are now, where we came from, and what is in store in our future. We have suggested two powerful crystals to use with each to amplify your intentions. Please check our CRYSTAL GURU app for more in-depth properties. For iPhone click here: http://apple.co/1XmP646 For Android click here: http://bit.ly/1Pc0sSb


Steel is our prototype for this way of BEing.  It’s very strong, but also has a lot of “give” and can easily bend when the elements/environment support it. We have to be able to change direction at any time when it’s evident, without any judgment or emotional attachment whatsoever. We are moving and changing rapidly, and this trend is accelerating exponentially. So, if a plan of yours isn’t working, or doors are closing, it’s OK. Move on and let go…. it’s not for your Highest Power and will not support your TRUE LIFE PURPOSE.  Staying in GRATITUDE is essential.  Everything IS happening for a reason, and the purpose is to assist you in finding Your Self and discovering who you are and why you chose to come here. Stay tuned for Conscious Ways of BEing #2 coming out soon!

Recommended Crystals:
CELESTITE – Surrender to the flow of the Universe.

APOPHYLLITE – Find the Joy and the Magic in your life.

Stay tuned for our next Blog, “Conscious Ways of BEing #2” coming out soon!