Sisterhood Connection


Ah yes, the glorious Sisterhood connection….. Can you feel it? It’s become SO powerful in the last few years and continues to get stronger and stronger day by day. We are very blessed to be able to meet so many extraordinary women who come into the Shop from every walk of life, culture, religion and race. Our hearts are completely interconnected at this time, as we anchor in the Feminine Energy. The activation of the Female Goddess energy is exactly what Our Beloved Planet needs right now!




How do you know when you meet a Sister? It’s the hug, the look in the eye, the voice, the words, the frequency of joy and trust…. We call each other “Sister Goddesses,” re-uniting once again – and this time, we have cleared enough of the separation programing that we can see one another clearly and stand together in Truth. By this recognition and acknowledgement, we perpetuate strength with vulnerability, open hearts and the intuitive inspiration that we all carry.

Of course, men also house feminine energy, and many have been feeling the call to fully open their hearts and embrace pure unconditional love/self-love. Feminine energy is receptive, nurturing and creative. Since more men are now more willing to receive and nurture, re-envisioning former societal norms and programs, is indeed a sign of the times. It’s all part of the balancing & integration — the merging of the masculine & feminine energies.

Imagine a world where we are all able to give and receive equally, where we all respect and protect one another equally, where being vulnerable and true to our hearts becomes socially accepted by all. Imagine a world where strength is measured by our ability to stay in integrity no matter what. These are just some of the influences that the return of feminine energy to the planet has on our society. We simply can no longer have one or the other. That outdated dis-empowering program of divide & conquer is over.

It is such a gift to hold space for Sister Goddesses to unite, celebrate the truth of who we are and find strength as we honor and support each other.

As we fully shift into our hearts, finding truth, creating strength and reclaiming power in the Divine Feminine energy, we unite with all our Sisters. Together, we anchor this glorious energy into our beloved planet and into the hearts of Humanity. Then unity / inner-connectiveness becomes an everyday experience & the new reality of our world. Then there is no more separation…

Thank you Sister Goddesses & Beloved Brothers for your initiative & courage to change & accept the reign of LOVE.

Written by Kate Mitchell & Antea Rood