2016 Conscious Ways of BEing #2 – PRESENT MOMENT


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The following Ways of BEing will help us to understand where we are now, where we came from, and what is in store in our future. We have suggested two powerful crystals to use with each to amplify your intentions.  Please check our CRYSTAL GURU app for more in-depth properties. For iPhone click here: http://apple.co/1XmP646 For Android click here: http://bit.ly/1Pc0sSb


We all know that living in the past and/or future is a complete waste of energy. FORGIVE yourself for anything in your past that you still regret. You did your absolute best in that given moment, as did every single person on this planet.

Don’t be concerned about the future. Your future depends on what you are experiencing in the PRESENT MOMENT. Practice staying there. True presence is in your HEART, not your mind. When you find yourself filled with thoughts of “what if I had done this differently” or “how is this going to work in the future,” BREATHE and move your energy from your brain to your heart. From there, the best choice or decision will be clear… you will be able to FEEL it.

Time does not exist. There is only presence. Why waste your energy contemplating the past, when it has already happened? It’s over, it has passed. The same is true when it comes to your future. In THIS moment, it is non-existent. Worrying, stressing, and playing out various scenarios in your mind that have yet to unfold is pure insanity. Allow yourself to surrender to the flow of the Universe. Give in, and just BE.

We are all co-creating this existence now, together, in PRESENT time. No one, not even God/Goddess knows what the exact outcome will be, and that’s okay. The unknown is part of the mystery… the magic of life!  Let’s make it amazing! Stay tuned for 2016 Conscious Ways of BEing #3!

BISMUTH -Lucid Dreaming, Time/Astral Travel

SUGILITE – Activating your Light Body/Light Warrior


Stay tuned for our next Blog, “Conscious Ways of BEing #3” coming out soon!