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We offer an exciting, interactive, holistic environment filled with incredible tools and services for personal transformation and ascension. We are a “One-Stop-Shop” for all of your metaphysical tools; including crystals, gemstone jewelry, ascension-energy therapy, supplements, angel and tarot decks, books, CDs, and more! Our energy practitioners are trained in crystal therapy, reiki, theta healing, sound therapy, aura and chakra reading and healing, past-life readings and healing, angel guidance, and much, much more.

AURA SHOP is a Certified Sustainable Business & committed to operating with as little a footprint as possible. We have 95% LED lighting, most of our paper items are recycled, and we are extremely conscious about recycling all materials. We have been certified by the City of Santa Monica for nine years & are devoted to continuing our efforts to being eco-conscious.Current Services


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What do crystals do?

Crystals are part of the Mineral Kingdom (Animal & Plant are the other 2). They are alive in the sense that they have energy, the are growing and they have DNA. Think of it as an “intelligence.” Our bodies have a similar crystalline matrix to crystals and they are able to communicate with us on all levels – telepathically, energetically, physically, emotionally, etc.

What do the crystals do for us?

Crystals vibrate at color frequencies that resonate with each of our chakras, activating and helping us with any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges or life lessons we may face. Each crystal aligns with one or more chakras, assisting us with the respective issues revolving around each chakra.

Where are crystals from?

All over the world, predominately Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Morocco and some domestic from Arkansas, San Bernardino Valley and Salt Lake Basin.

Do crystals need to be cleared?

Most do, the exception being Amethyst, Citrine, Selenite, Kyanite, Andaras, meteorite, tektite. Clean crystals energetically in pure water with a pinch of sea salt, especially quartz. Sun dry them and you will feel the sparkle and amplified energy. All crystals can also be cleared using the above list of crystals that are known to transmute energies not beaming the highest light. Simply put a crystal on an amethyst geode. If you tune in, you will know how much time to leave it there. Trust your feelings (intuition).

What do all the colors mean in our aura?

Each of our seven major chakra vortexes vibrates at the colors of the rainbow. We are mini rainbows. Each color/chakra houses all the energies we need for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

Do you do psychic readings here?

We do far more than simple predictions to your future which is only one of multiple possibilities. We do not tell clients what they may want to hear. We do energy work, balance chakras, pull negative energies out, cut cords, clear disempowering patters/programming. We use many powerful modalities and all of our practitioners have many certifications and have been doing their healing work for many years. Yes they are intuitive and psychic and will connect to your guides delivering powerful life-transforming energy, messages and suggestions for your well being.